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Olive Magazine September 2021

At olive we believe you can eat imaginatively and well without spending a fortune. Every month we aim to inspire food lovers to cook new dishes, but it's not all about cooking at home. The magazine has three main sections, eat in, eat out, eat away so you'll also find great value restaurants, top recommendations and tips from around the world. In every issue: 100+ easy, stylish recipes all triple tested, 7 meals for under £35, great value restaurants, bargain travel ideas

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September is a brilliant month for all sorts of local produce, including sustainable British seafood. This issue, we asked restaurateur/fishmonger duo Rick and Katie Toogood of Prawn on the Lawn in Cornwall and London to share their favourite things to cook with. Featuring red mullet, crab, sardines and squid, these are all dishes to suit a lazy, late summer. If you’ve never made salt and pepper squid, this recipe is an absolute winner. Our main read this month is all about British wine, from who makes it to where to buy and drink it. There are now an amazing 770 vineyards and 165 wineries in the UK, so it’s time to explore what’s on offer. If you’re edging back towards your office this month then Nadine Brown’s nourishing lunches are designed to…

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this month i’m...

watching High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America on Netflix. Based around the book of the same name by historian Jessica B Harris, and fronted by chef, food writer and former sommelier Stephen Satterfield, this is a sensitive, historical exploration of African American food stories like no other. Emotional, educational and beautifully shot. Watch all four parts back to back if you can. reading Who else would cover subjects like ‘The Food of Suburban Shopping Centres’, ‘The Importance of Restaurant Critics’ and ‘Auntiepreneurs’ but Vittles? This newsletter of eclectic joy is available via vittles.substack.com – some reads are free, others are subscription-based and worth every penny. You can buy a whole year for the price of a big night out. eating Barrel-matured feta . A sublime Greek salad at new opening INO…

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your brand-new olive – our promise to you

Olive is brought to you by the same team as BBC Good Food, Britain’s leading food media brand. As you’ll see from Our Commitment on page 104, we’re committed to improving diversity and inclusivity, and work with a wide range of contributors to drive authentic change. There’s so much more to explore beyond the pages of your magazine, including recipes, award-winning podcasts and videos showcasing cooking skills and techniques on Olive magazine.com. Here’s what you can expect from us. our recipes work All our recipes are developed and thoroughly tested by experts, so you know they’ll work every time. sustainability It’s at the heart of everything we do. We try to help you cut down on food waste by suggesting ideas for using up any leftovers, and by celebrating and keeping you informed about…

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gurdeep’s guide to umeboshi

What is it? Umeboshi paste is a salty-sour ingredient traditionally made in Japan using fine plums that are slowly preserved in sea salt. How to use it? It has an intense, concentrated tanginess that adds a fruity flavour hit to sushi, dressings and marinades. Where to find it? Find it online at souschef.co.uk. Gurdeep Loyal is a food and drink trends specialist who built his career working at Harrods Food Halls, Innocent Drinks and M&S Food. He’s also a food writer and curator of online platform Mother Tongue, with his first recipe book set for release in spring 2022. Umeboshi salmon skewers The savoury miso and aromatic sesame oil in these skewers really bring out the moreish tartness of the umeboshi paste. 10 MINUTES + MARINATING | SERVES 2 | EASY | LC GF brown or red miso 2 tspumeboshi…

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planet before profit

Neighbours Anshu and Renee became friends by bonding over parenthood, and have since started a business, DabbaDrop – London’s first plastic- and emission-free takeaway service. “We wanted to build something that worked around our kids and was planet-friendly,” Anshu says. “Having a co-pilot means one of us can step in if the other has no childcare,” Renee adds. Anshu learned to cook from her mother and grandmother in Mumbai and Bangalore. “I was inspired by the dabbawala in Mumbai. Unlike a takeaway where you choose from a long menu, these delivery-only kitchens create weekly set menus. It’s hassle-free – you just leave the stainless-steel tiffin out to be collected.” They make curries, dahls and rotis based on Anshu’s family recipes, delivering them locally by bike in steel tiffins and compostable bags. “Customers pre-order…

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kitchen shelf

Ice Kitchen thai green curry paste Superior to many jarred pastes and with no waste, these frozen blocks taste fresh and authentic – fry from frozen with coconut milk, veg and/ or meat. £2.99 (4 x 72g), ocado.com Bertagni goat’s cheese and sun-dried tomato ravioli With a strong (not overpowering) goat’s cheese filling and sun-dried tomato sweetness, these can be served simply with butter or oil. £2.99 (250g), ocado.com Booja Booja chocolate orange truffles These rich, melty truffles are balanced by flecks of orange peel. A lovely gift or after-dinner treat that happens to be vegan. £4.99 (box of 8), amazon.co.uk Allpress coffee shots New from Allpress Espresso, this bottle contains 20 shots of concentrated coffee. Earthy and nutty, it’s great for iced coffees or tiramisu. A little goes a long way! £15 (500ml), allpressespresso.com Hackney Gelato chocolate…