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Outdoor Design Issue#33 2016

Outdoor Design is one of Australia’s leading outdoor design magazines, showcasing the latest innovative design and construction for outdoor living spaces, bringing the best quality products and professional services in the landscaping industry to gardens all around Australia. Outdoor Design & Living is a bi-annual magazine that features particular lifestyles with outdoor rooms including kitchens, outdoor lighting, water features, sound systems and outdoor theatres, pools and spas, as well as indoor-outdoor furniture. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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editor’s letter

The most engaging gardens will have a sense of place, looking as if they were “meant to be” rather than a hasty after-thought. They will be like a wellwritten symphony in which each element is in perfect harmony with the other — and with the home the garden envelops. Garden making is both an art and a science. To get the balance right, and to ensure the desired end result, you need design expertise, horticultural experience and an understanding of the construction issues involved. An in-depth knowledge of soils, microclimates, aspect, drainage, plant maintenance and other such fundamentals is equally essential. The only way to harness the necessary know-how is by calling upon a professional landscape designer and landscape contractor. Outdoor Design & Living celebrates the inspiring, world-leading work being carried out…

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going deep For a contemporary look, choose accessories in grey, charcoal and near-black daring design Be audacious with outdoor rugs and seating in vibrant reds, oranges and yellows think metal Copper, brass, iron or steel … metal decor gives character to any outdoor space softly, softly Use comfy cushions, ottomans and throws to soften the look of your alfresco lounge area…

8 min.
form and function

With the resurgence of interest in mid-20th-century modern design and an embracing of industrial chic, concrete is being used in increasingly interesting and engaging ways in the garden. Cantilevered concrete benches and dining tables that seem to hover in place, platform-style concrete boardwalks, built-in planter boxes, bold feature walls … concrete is no longer just used for paving or walling, or hidden behind cladding or a layer of paint. Concrete is ubiquitous. It’s a common building material that is prized for its strength and although it weathers gracefully, it is often kept behind the scenes. However, that is no longer the case, both inside the home and outside in the garden. Concrete is being used in a plethora of creative ways, some incredibly refined, others bold and dramatic. That is one…

2 min.
plan to succeed

You’ve finally decided on the hard materials, accessories, layout, and set the theme for your garden. But how do you work out what plants to put in and where they should go? A common approach is to head to the local nursery and buy what you like the look of, but how do you know it will suit your garden and the growing conditions? There is nothing worse than spending money on plants that don’t work — that either end up dying, grow too big or just don’t look right. This is where spending some time creating a planting scheme can save you money and provide you with the look you want. SITE ANALYSIS To select the right plants you need to know what the growing conditions are. A site analysis will help…

8 min.
pool cool

A swimming pool has long been a quintessential part of the Australian outdoor living experience, but today we expect a lot more from our pools. No longer just a place to cool down or somewhere for the kids to play, a pool is the centre of outdoor entertaining. We want to entertain in the pool and by the pool. “The trend to create more sophisticated poolside entertaining areas has been fuelled by the desire to turn our outdoor spaces into personal oases, somewhere we can escape to, leaving our hectic home and work lives behind,” says John Storch from A Total Concept. “Elaborate or restrained, the poolside entertaining area is a lifestyle must. All Australians love entertaining outside. In fact, outdoor living is so entrenched in our culture and such an important…

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the greenery garden

This was a garden that relied on clipped plants for definition and form and a green-on-green planting scheme for year-round interest. From the double box hedge used as a backdrop for the main garden to the espalier employed as a feature wall, The Greenery Garden reminded us of the essential role plants play in the well designed garden. Designed by Vivid Design and constructed by Semken Landscaping, The Greenery Garden used both hardscape elements and structural plantings to form the bones of the design, all of which were softened by a sprinkling of flowers, which included hydrangeas, salvias and gardenias. The paving was a contrasting mix of Bamstone natural bluestone and brick. In the sunken garden, over which a cleanlined pergola stood, the central strip of slimline brick was flanked by tiers…