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Oxygen November/December2018

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Cover Girl Confidential Don’t miss our Q&A with cover girl and coach of Oxygen’s upcoming online course Healthy New You, Katie Corio. She also shares her winter pump-up playlist! oxygenmag.com/katie-coriocover-girl No Gym? No Problem! Work out wherever and whenever you want this winter with a dynamic bodyweight routine from fitness expert Sofia Rodriquez, MCEP. oxygenmag.com/no-gymno-problem Carve a Killer Core Paddleboarding is a serious workout. How She Fuels athlete (Page 92) and pro paddleboarder Candice Appleby shares her go-to core exercises for on-land training. oxygenmag.com/candice-homeworkout Retreat Recount We sent our writer to experience some of this year’s top fitness retreats. Here, she reports back with a firsthand account of the getaways featured in “Wellness While You (Don’t) Work,” Page 58 — and more! oxygenmag.com/fit-getaway CAN’T GET ENOUGH OXYGEN? Visit oxygenmag.com for new workouts and recipes, plus training and nutrition guidance…

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jump around (jump up, jump up and get down!)

Where I live, winter means cold, ice and snowstorms. It also often means I can’t get out of the house because of inclement weather. Since I am not much for hiding under a blanket, drinking hot cocoa and watching Elf on an endless loop, this inability to work out translates to angst and agita. Because for me, training means removing myself from my place of residence and work and going elsewhere to interact with other people and engage in the usual s—t talk that comes with a CrossFit WOD. That physical displacement is important to my mental focus, and though I know I could very well exercise chez moi, I am completely unmotivated to do so. The other week, however, there were two snow days in a row. Not only did…

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inbox letters

Love for the Last Issue Thank you so much for featuring Angelica Teixeira in your September/October 2018 issue! I met her once at an event, and she was the sweetest, most down-to-earth person I have met so far in the industry. She is one of my all-time favorite competitors, and I am glad she finally earned a place on your cover. — JEAN, VIA EMAIL Oxygen has been my favorite magazine for decades, and I love the direction the workout articles have been going. I learn new moves and get new training ideas every single issue, which I use both in my own workouts and also with my clients. Thanks for being current, valid and on trend! — CECELIA, VIA EMAIL Should Burpees Be the Best? So I have to take issue with your article “The…

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Stephanie Main, NASM-CPT, CF-L2, RYT 500 Author of “The 10-Minute Squat Challenge,” Page 23 Stephanie Main has been practicing yoga for nearly 14 years and credits dance for her affinity toward the discipline. “I grew up as a ballet dancer, so flexibility has always been a focus, especially the splits,” she says. “However, I still struggle with deep backbends. I am not naturally bendy, so I have to work hard toward that aim.” Main created her own brand called Endure Yoga, which is specifically tailored to the needs of athletes. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband, and on the weekends, she loves to cook Paleo desserts and run by the beach. Donna Gast Hair and makeup artist for “Healthy New You,” Page 34, and “Leveraging Your Assets,” Page 40, among others If life…

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go outside and play — even if the weather sucks

Research has shown that exercising in the cold can burn more calories — up to 34 percent more if the temps hover between 14 to 23 degrees. Cold is more metabolically expensive, and you have to burn more calories just to stay warm (thermogenesis). Check out these cold-weather activities and their average metabolic cost per hour: Go to Page 66 for more information on hot vs. cold workouts! Age is subjective You’re only as old as you think you are, according to research from the American Psychological Association. How you feel on a given day — your subjective age — is directly affected by activity levels, and those who exercise regularly report feeling younger than those who do not. Regular activity is also directly associated with better memory, health and longevity. The next…

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18 minutes to fit

We all have time for a quickie — workout that is. And this one, based on the Les Mills Grit programming, can be done anywhere, anytime. “This workout burns max calories in minimal time and is scalable for different fitness levels,” says Nikki Snow, NASM-CPT, Les Mills international presenter and Reebok-sponsored athlete — who also happens to be modeling these moves! “It’s also multidirectional, so it improves athleticism — no equipment required.” Do the moves in order, and follow the for-time interval program for each of three rounds. “The key here is to work at absolute max effort during the intervals,” Snow advises. Bracket this 18-minute workout with a solid warm-up and cool-down and you’ll be cooked before the turkey. LADDER RUN/HIGH-KNEE RUN Stay on the balls of your feet and keep your…