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Health & Fitness

Oxygen September/October 2018

This magazine is designed to inform, educate and inspire women of all ages about the joys and benefits of fitness, proper nutrition, health and resistance training. Get Oxygen digital magazine subscription today to help you acquire a sound body and clear mind to achieve an energy-filled, stress-free lifestyle and empowered self-image.

United States
Active Interest Media
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4 Issues

In this issue

1 min.

America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3 Think you’ve got what it takes to be America’s Fittest Couple? Then show us! Read all about this year’s coaches and their incredible 60-day program on Page 50. You’ll improve your physique, have fun getting fit with your partner, and will strengthen and nourish your life — and your relationships. Plus, you’ll be able to share your journey with the world in an upcoming issue of Oxygen and could win a fabulous tropical vacation for two! For more details and to preregister, go to oxygenmag.com/fittestcouple-3. Nutrition Wisdom From meal prep to hydration to staying sane around food, hear real and sustainable advice from RDs, nutritionists and coaches in our exclusive roundup from The Oxygen Challenge 4 experts. oxygenmag.com/oc4-nutrion-advice Win Lara’s List You could win a collection of next-level health and fitness…

2 min.
so i think i can dance (not)

So yeah, I am not a dancer, and anyone who follows me on Instagram can attest to my poor jiggy skill set. But that does not keep me from dancing anywhere, anytime — on set, with my 5-year-old, even at CrossFit between lifts if Journey comes on (ha!). But when working on set with Karina Smirnoff from Dancing With the Stars for The Oxygen Challenge 4 a few months ago, my most excellent moves were unconsciously put on hold. Only after we wrapped production did I realize that I hadn’t shaken my groove thing at all. Usually, I don’t care what I look like or who sees me do it, but for some reason, I was afraid to look foolish in front of Karina, so I didn’t boogie even a…

1 min.
my obsessed-with list

1 Primal Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Ketchup I am a ketchup freak, but unfortuantely, it is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to added dietary sodium and sugar in my diet. Fortunately, this product saves me from myself: It tastes fresh and clean and contains only 1 gram of natural sugar per tablespoon. primalblueprint.com, $6 2 Hex Performance Detergent I pretty much live in workout wear, and since synthetic fabrics are designed to wick sweat and repel water, they tend to trap a “funk” in their matrix. Hex effectively eliminates the stank and leaves behind an eco-friendly molecule to prevent future funk from setting up house. hexperformance.com, $10 3 Vitapop Sometimes I need to get my crunch on, and I am obsessed with this popcorn. With 10 grams of protein and 25 grams of fiber per…

2 min.

OC4 Excitement The Oxygen Challenge is the highlight of my year! This is so much more than just a fitness challenge: The community of Oxy Sisters is truly amazing, and lot of us are four for four in doing the challenges. Most of us have never met, but we share an amazing bond. There is so much positivity, and we’ve supported each other through thick and thin. Some of us have had deaths in the family, major illnesses, adoptions, ends of relationships — you name it. We are there for each other, and that strength and perseverance just shines through. OMG, I am getting emotional! I guess I’m even more excited for OC4 than I realized! —ROXANNE, VIA EMAIL Badass Burpee Babes The #OxygenBadassBurpees Challenge in May 2018 was an amazing experience. I looked…

2 min.

Jenna Autuori Dedic Author of “Maximize Your Burn,” Page 18 When writing this article, Jenna Autuori Dedic learned that she had been doing EMOM (every minute on the minute) workouts her entire life. “I just didn’t know there was a ‘name’ for them,” she says, laughing. “I like to push myself to the max, so doing a couple of moves in a single minute while leaving yourself some recovery time fits my competitive personality.” Dedic also encourages fit family time. “My 4-year-old daughter loves playing tennis, and as a family, we take evening walks around the neighborhood and do a ‘Sunday Runday,’” she says. Michael Neveux Photographer for “Biomechanical Breakdown,” Page 56, and “Center of Attention,” Page 64. A passion for bodybuilding led to 40 years of shooting editorial fitness for Michael Neveux. “I used to…

1 min.
stand tall(er)

Exercising during your teenage years can make you taller as an adult, according to a study done at the University of Buffalo and published in the journal Menopause. Doing strenuous activity at least three times a week as a teenager was shown to be protective in later life when people tend to “shrink” and lose height. Researchers theorize that exercise has a lasting effect on your bones, especially in women, increasing peak bone mass, boosting strength and improving balance. Bone up with regular resistance training to maintain your stature, even into your golden years.…