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Paint & Draw April 2017

Featuring a range of step-by-step tutorials led by professional artists will help you improve your skills at your own pace, covering all sorts of unique techniques and all types of media - from watercolours, acrylics and oils to pastels and pencils. With 100 packed pages per issue, Paint & Draw also provides exclusive interviews, features, news and reviews to keep you enthused and inspired to make your own masterpieces.

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a new season, a new reason to stay creative!

Since spring recently sprung, we here at Paint & Draw have been inspired to look at the coming weeks and months ahead with a renewed sense of purpose (isn’t it funny how seasons seem to have a fundamental influence on you like that?) Anyway, as soon as the first day of the year came that promised more light and a little less cold, I started thinking about long country walks and early evening climbing trips to use up every extra second of daylight on offer. And that’s exactly why I spoke to cover artist Robert Brindley about creating a workshop on capturing this magical spring light, in a medium that seems somehow perfect for the job: watercolour. His subject is a beautiful bridge and river environment from the Peak District.…

5 min.

“It’s amazing how little we still know about the real Michelangelo” LOVE AND DEATH Michelangelo’s curious life hits the big screen FEW NAMES in the world of art are as big as Michelangelo. The Italian artist is famous for his poems, paintings and sculptures, but we know curiously little about the man himself. That’s where Michelangelo – Love and Death comes in. Directed by David Bickerstaff, the new film from the Exhibition On Screen series aims to shed some light on the great artist. “Michelangelo wrote over 1,400 letters and 300 poems and had two biographies published about him during his lifetime alone, but it’s amazing how little we still know about the real Michelangelo,” says David. “By delving into his private writings and visiting the key places he lived and worked, the documentary examines…

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words of wisdom

“When you look at a painting by Vincent van Gogh of a basket of gone-to-seed onions, you don’t say, ‘Oh, look, a basket of onions,’ you say, ‘Wow!’” David Chandler reveals why the subject of a still life lesson is all a matter of perspective, page 98 “As soon as I had any spare money, I came out to Africa. I fell in love with the smells, the heat… it’s the most wonderful continent on this Earth.” We talk to Hazel Soan, whose mastery of watercolours has taken her around the world, page 40 “Whether I’m painting happy children playing on the beach, dynamic horses or dramatic windswept landscapes, pastels give me the drama, range of textures and freedom of expression that I need.” Rebecca de Mendonça on why she loves using pastels, as she…

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five great exhibitions ...

THE AMERICAN DREAM – POP TO THE PRESENT The past six decades of US history are reflected in this collection of inventive and outstanding prints. Big names like Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg get a look in, with museums and private collections from around the world loaning their works to the exhibition. The event runs at the British Museum until 18 June. www.americandreamexhibition.org VANESSA BELL RETROSPECTIVE The first major monographic exhibition of work by Vanessa Bell is being presented by London’s Dulwich Picture Gallery until 4 June. Showcasing Vanessa’s portraiture, still life and landscape compositions through nearly 100 oil paintings and other media pieces, this exhibition is a fresh presentation of the Bloomsbury artist who striking work was often overshadowed by her family and private life. www.dulwichpicturegallery.org.uk MADONNAS & MIRACLES Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum…

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About ADRIAN Senior Curator, Royal Academy of Arts, London Adrian Locke joined the Royal Academy of Arts in 2001. He has overseen many exhibitions, including ‘Munch by Himself’, and ‘Modern British Sculpture’. The 1930s can be seen as a pivotal decade in the history of American art. This was a time when artists (like their fellow citizens) were confronted by unparalleled challenges. It was also a time of uncertainty and anxiety that drove artists to experiment with different styles (Regionalism, Socialist-Realism, Abstraction, Surrealism, etc) in order to find a distinct American style that reflected the times, but which was no longer associated with the traditions (such as Academic teaching) and subject matter of European art. In other words, this was the time to forge a new, distinctly American art. This exhibition charts that…

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I HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION to Paint & Draw and have noticed that you’re inviting artists to submit their work for the Your Art section of the magazine. Please can you tell me exactly how I should submit my artwork? It seems that you also need a short paragraph about the artist… Elizabeth Rozelaar, via email Beren replies: We’re always on the lookout for new art, whether that’s something news-related for our inspirational Palette section, or in our reader gallery section. For Your Art, you can send us a few examples of your art, in as big a file size that you have, with a short description of each, plus a little bit about yourself (you can be as serious or silly as you want), and your photo. That’s it! I look forward…