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Paint & Draw August 2017

Featuring a range of step-by-step tutorials led by professional artists will help you improve your skills at your own pace, covering all sorts of unique techniques and all types of media - from watercolours, acrylics and oils to pastels and pencils. With 100 packed pages per issue, Paint & Draw also provides exclusive interviews, features, news and reviews to keep you enthused and inspired to make your own masterpieces.

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inspiring creation, whatever the canvas

For the second month in a row, I’ve received emails from readers who have been inspired by this mag to create art – not by following the workshops step-by-step to make a finished painting, but instead, by absorbing some ideas and techniques they’ve found in our pages, and transfering them to a totally different ‘canvas’. Whether it’s painting a barge, decorating wooden spoons, or creating unique tote bags with paint and embroidery, creation – by the rules or not – is what Paint & Draw wants to inspire, and I’m so glad to hear that we’re doing our job! But this has made me think. It’s great that some readers are able to get something worthwhile from P&D’s content, no matter the media used, or subject chosen. But what about those…

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COLLECTIVE IDENTITY A total of 11 artists from four continents are behind this year’s Frieze Projects commissions THIS year’s non-profit Frieze Projects programme will culminate in seven commissions, on display during Frieze London from 5–8 October 2017. “Focused on artistic collaboration, this year’s Projects explore ‘communitas’ – the construction of collective identity – and society’s relationship with the Other,” explains curator Raphael Gygax. “During insecure times, we have always intensified the use of symbols and the performance of rituals to face change and create security,” she continues. “We asked artists from different generations across four continents to create communal moments, and explore whether the temporary intensity of an art fair can be a place where transformative rituals take place.” British-Argentine duo Lucy and Jorge Orta will invite visitors to symbolically convert their individual national identity…

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five great exhibitions...

SECOND NATURE: THE ART OF CHARLES TUNNICLIFFE 11 July – 8 October 2017, Tennant Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, London www.royalacademy.org.uk As one of the best-known wildlife artists of the 20th century, Charles Tunnicliffe is known for his meticulously observed subjects, always depicted in their natural habitat. Many of his etchings and engravings are on display, plus a selection of his distinctive book illustrations – including the What to Look For Ladybird series. FAHRELNISSA ZEID 13 June – 8 October 2017, Tate Modern, London www.tate.org.uk One of the first modern female painters in Turkey, Fahrelnissa Zeid was a pioneering figure in the abstract art movement. Throughout a diverse and colourful life, Zeid relocated from Istanbul to London, then Paris, Berlin, Amman and Baghdad, creating bright, bold large-scale works everywhere she went. MATISSE IN THE STUDIO 5 August…

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HAVE YOU THOUGHT of having a website to go alongside your magazine? That way readers could share and comment on their work, plus it may give you advertisement and also collect ideas for future magazines. I know a lot of artists who are really looking for a new online gallery. Alf Davies Beren replies: Hi Alf. We do have a website, it’s just not branded as Paint & Draw. It’s our company’s site, called Creative Bloq: http://bit.ly/pad_cb Ideally we’d have our own site, but for now, we have to put all the free content and reviews up there. THANK YOU. You can’t imagine how pleased I was to see the demo on St Just Church in Cornwall in the last issue. I’ve just come back from there, and took lots of photos of that view, but…

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letter of the month

DEAR PAINT & DRAW, I would like my work to be considered for Paint & Draw’s Your Art. My style is quite different to your usual art work. When I retired, my husband and I bought a small narrow boat. I wanted it to look pretty, so we painted it and I decided to have a go at putting roses on the doors. Having worked in finance for 37 years, I found picking up a paintbrush was quite a new challenge for me. I have since painted milk churns, water pitchers, flower troughs and wooden hearts and spoons. I use acrylics and seal with varnish. This is a very easy format, ideal for beginners. If you can paint a circle and manage a few commas and teardrops you are well on your…

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Create a colour theory chart to improve your colour mixing GETTING TO GRIPS with colour theory can seem a little bit too much like learning maths or science. You may feel you just want to be creative and express yourself, not work out calculations. But colour theory is one of the fundamental things you need to learn in order to progress and grow as an artist. Read on to create a colour theory chart that will transform your creative life. About ROB LUNN Bath, UK Rob is a self-taught painter, and loves painting in oils. His influences are Vincent Van Gogh, Caravaggio and Ilya Repin. He has been teaching art workshops since 2012. www.roblunn.co.uk Fix up look sharp Keeping your pencil sharp is vital when drawing, sketching or colouring. If you like to use a long-leaded…