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Paint & Draw February 2017

Featuring a range of step-by-step tutorials led by professional artists will help you improve your skills at your own pace, covering all sorts of unique techniques and all types of media - from watercolours, acrylics and oils to pastels and pencils. With 100 packed pages per issue, Paint & Draw also provides exclusive interviews, features, news and reviews to keep you enthused and inspired to make your own masterpieces.

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set a solid foundation and let your creativity do the rest

Here at Paint & Draw, we want you to get the most out of our workshops, so from this issue onwards we’re giving you the primary sketch of each workshop. You can download the sketch, and view it on your computer screen or print it out, then work through each step directly on top of, or alongside it. Go to page 97 to see how you can get them. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean the aim of our workshops is to only copy what you see. There’s always going to be unique, individual creativity involved – and encouraged. But I’m aware that some of the paintings in the workshop section can be based on some pretty advanced draftmanship (just look at Rob Lunn’s amazing cover-image sketch on page 22!).…

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BELIN’S BUILDINGS Realism meets cubism in these unique murals MIGUEL Ángel Belinchón Bujes, otherwise known as Belin, is a Spanish artist with a tireless drive to create and explore. His skills with a spray can have made him a famous name in the graffiti world, where he creates photorealistic murals without the help of a stencil. However, his artwork has adopted a new style after a recent trip to the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. Influenced by the Spanish master’s Cubist pieces, Belin has started producing creative portraits in a style that he’s dubbed ‘Postneocubismo’. These works blend together the lifelike imagery that Belin is renowned for with the blocky reconfigurations of Picasso’s paintings. Brought to life as murals on public walls and buildings, including an appearance at last year’s ‘Meeting of Styles’ festival in…

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five great exhibitions...

KEITH TYSON: TURN BACK NOW Private pictures by the 2002 Turner Prize winner Keith Tyson are shown for the first time in this insightful exhibition at the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings. Created over 20 years, more than 360 ‘Studio Wall Drawings’ make up the collection. Influenced by economic shifts, terrorism, and the birth of Tyson’s children, this unique show runs until 4 June 2017. www.jerwoodgallery.org SHEER PLEASURE The William Morris Gallery presents an exhibition of Japanese paintings, prints, furniture and ceramics that belonged to the Gallery’s founder, Frank Brangwyn RA. This is the first time a lot of these works will be displayed, alongside art by Brangwyn, which explore his relationship with Japanese woodblock artist Yoshijiro Urushibara. Until 14 May 2017. www.wmgallery.org.uk THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MISS DUPONT This personal exhibition at the Royal Academy of…

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curator’s comments

About ANGIE Printmaker, Scotland Angie studied Printmaking at Central St Martins, and has designed fabric for Liberty and illustrated for Penguin, Conran Octopus, Virago and Faber & Faber. www.angielewin.co.uk It’s a privilege and a challenge to be asked to work on this project. I was invited by Kirsty Nutbeen, exhibitions manager at the Hampshire Cultural Trust, to curate an exhibition that brought together a wide range of my influences alongside my own work as an artist/designer. Kirsty has been invaluable in guiding me through the process. I was given a totally open brief and asked to make a ‘wish list’ of pieces that have inspired me. To have been loaned such important pieces of work and to see so many of my influences together in one space is wonderful. I also loved having the…

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AS AN AMATEUR watercolourist, I feel I must congratulate you on the magazine, and thank all the contributors. This is a welcome addition to the art scene, and I’m sure artists of every ability will benefit. I have bought every issue from Issue 2, but how do I get Issue 1? AJ Hanson, High Wycombe Beren replies: Thank’s a lot for the kind words AJ – the team really appreciate it! As for Issue 1, you can now get individual issues through our online supplier, My Favourite Magazines. Here’s a link to the first issue: http://bit.ly/pad_issue1 I’M REALLY ENJOYING your magazine and am getting a subscription soon, but I’ve just tried to watch the videos that are advertised at the back of the issue. However, the link doesn’t work – hope you can help? Karen Beren…

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About JILL Northamptonshire, UK Jill is an artist and tutor who specialises in wildlife. She loves to experiment, but her two main passions are pastels and airbrushing (acrylics). www.jilltisbury.co.uk Create, lush dense fur in pastels THIS feisty little Scottish wildcat is a perfect model for practising fur texture with. Here, I am working with pastels on velour, but the main principles hold true for any type of pastel paper. I like to use velour for two reasons. First, it takes plenty of layers before it becomes saturated, and second, the soft ‘tooth’ adds to the final texture that you’re trying to achieve. Knowing the make-up of your subject can help too. Scottish wildcats are ‘true fur’ animals, which means they have a thick downy under-layer designed to keep them warm, and a more wiry…