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Paint & Draw July 2017

Featuring a range of step-by-step tutorials led by professional artists will help you improve your skills at your own pace, covering all sorts of unique techniques and all types of media - from watercolours, acrylics and oils to pastels and pencils. With 100 packed pages per issue, Paint & Draw also provides exclusive interviews, features, news and reviews to keep you enthused and inspired to make your own masterpieces.

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the fight between inspiration and creativity

This issue, we’re running a new feature: Masterclass (page 80). I asked the artist David Cobley (interviewed in last issue – amazing portraits!) to pick a painting that he could chat about until the cows come home. We’ve all got paintings that we never tire of. They never get dull or fail to inspire and provoke an emotion every time we see them. Well in Masterclass, artists will choose a favoured painting and tell you why they love it so much. This issue David talks about Pieter Bruegel’s 1559 piece The Fight Between Carnival and Lent. It’s great listening to impassioned people talk about things that they love, and this feature provides a resting point from all the practical, hands-on content everywhere else in the mag. Talking of which, what do…

7 min.

“I retired, but carried on with freelance work painting in my studio – which I call my Heaven on Earth” JOURNEY TO THE ARCTIC Charles Bezzina found his artistic calling as he neared retirement, but now travels the world VOYAGING ARTIST Charles Bezzina has been given the opportunity to explore the Arctic as artist in residence on an epic 21-day journey. He sets sail on 11 July to Iceland and Greenland, taking in the Faroe Islands and three majestic fjords on the way. It’s not Charles’ first such voyage, either: supported by Arts Council England and Cruise & Maritime, he has also put brush to canvas on a three-month South American cruise to the Falklands, taking in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, and he took a Northern Lights tour to Norway earlier this year. This…

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words of wisdom

Many artists dislike painting foliage, probably because dealing with so many subtle nuances of green can be overwhelming. My advice is to simplify. View the scene as colour ‘blocks’, and don’t be afraid to push the difference between them further than reality. It can always be toned down later. Valérie Pirlot, page 40 Oils just bored me. But watercolour – that was more intriguing. Painting in oils is like training a dog, while painting in watercolours is like training your cat. Stan Miller, page 46…

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five great exhibitions...

QUENTIN BLAKE: THE ONLY WAY TO TRAVEL Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, 14 June – 15 October ‘The Only Way to Travel’ is the biggest-ever exhibition of Sir Quentin Blake’s work, revealing his thoughts on topics that concern him – including mental health, the squeezing of creativity and the refugee crisis – in his trademark style. Through extraordinary beasts, machines and bizarre scenes, the 84-year-old artist tackles loneliness, depression, energy and enthusiasm. www.jerwoodgallery.org TURNER AND THE SUN The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre, 5 August – 15 October 2017 Any fan of JMW Turner’s work will know his obsession with sunlight. Shortly before his death, the artist declared that “the Sun is God”. Based on 12 loans from Tate Britain, this exhibition is the first to be dedicated entirely to Turner’s lifelong obsession with the transformative effect of…

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DEAR EDITOR, I find Paint & Draw inspirational. I look forward to reading it, so much so that I have decided to subscribe. I’m not an artist as such, I do embroidery, but first I paint my picture on fabric and then highlight it with embroidery and embellish it with beads, shells or whatever it seems to need. In your April issue I was inspired to follow your pastel artist’s tips, Rebecca de Mendonça, and enjoyed the project. I didn’t use pastels, I used fabric paints, and now have what I consider a beautiful picture to highlight with embroidery. Thank you Rebecca and Paint & Draw for helping me along the artistic path. Best wishes, Carol (Arnall), via email Beren replies: Hello Carol, thank you for getting in touch with us. I love…

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letter of the month

I FIRST SAW YOUR ISSUE 7 at an Asda checkout, which came at such the right time as I’ve just started an art group on a Wednesday. I’ve always struggled to find the time since leaving school but now the kids are older and I want to join in as I get more time. I finally found the time to read it from cover to cover while at the hospital bedside 94-year-old war veteran Walter Farrand (he is my adopted great grandad). I read it in a day and to my total surprise (as I looked at the beginning of the week) issue eight was there this morning, so while I sit peacefully at the hospital it has brought so much happiness to our room as I’m sat drawing next to him…