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Paint & Draw March 2017

Featuring a range of step-by-step tutorials led by professional artists will help you improve your skills at your own pace, covering all sorts of unique techniques and all types of media - from watercolours, acrylics and oils to pastels and pencils. With 100 packed pages per issue, Paint & Draw also provides exclusive interviews, features, news and reviews to keep you enthused and inspired to make your own masterpieces.

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captured on camera… and painted on canvas

Although it would be great if every painting was created with the real-life scene or subject in front of you – a quirky city sketch made on the fly, painting a person you admire, capturing a breathtaking sunset from a faraway beach – working from a photo is often a far more practical option. And one of the most photographed subjects is surely our beloved pets – so it follows that they should be our most popular painting subjects. The idea for this issue’s cover arrived after I saw artist Kate Oleska’s posts on Facebook. She’d recently been commissioned to paint a friend’s pet dog, and the amount of character she managed to capture in such a small area of canvas was amazing to me. With a young Maine Coon cat…

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SELF-PORTRAIT COMPETITION OPENS FOR ENTRIES The Ruth Borchard Prize is back with £10,000 up for grabs ART COMPETITIONS can often see the professionals competing against each other for big-money prizes, while hobbyists rarely get a chance to shine. However, this isn’t the case with the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize, which is now open for submissions. Anyone can be in with a chance of scooping the £10,000 prize. In fact many of the entrants have never painted a portrait before, let alone one of themselves. And, unlike most competitions, there are no size restrictions, and any medium (besides photography and standalone sculpture) can be used. So, now is the chance to prove yourself! The competition is open for entries until 12 April 2017, with the winner chosen from 120 finalists by a prestigious panel…

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five great exhibitions...

WATER, PAPER, PAINT With a unique consistency and pigments, watercolours can produce some of the most diverse and unique paintings. To celebrate the crucial ingredients needed to create a watercolour painting, ‘Water, Paper, Paint’ is a showcase of stylistic variations, techniques and genres. See it at the Bankside Gallery until 22 April. www.banksidegallery.com TICKET TO RYE Explore the whimsical pastel artwork of Richard Adams in this exhibition at the Rye Art Gallery until 23 April. Depicting an enchanting bucolic world peopled with everyday and fantastical characters, the charming pictures take you to an eccentric English countryside filled with delight and humour. www.ryeartgallery.co.uk REVOLUTION: RUSSIAN ART 1917 – 1932 To mark 100 years since the Russian Revolution, the Royal Academy, London, explores the first 15 years under Soviet rule with this new exhibition, which runs until…

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About CARIEN Senior Curator, William Morris Gallery, London Carien has worked on many high-profile shows at the gallery, including exhibitions on David Bailey and Yinka Shonibare. The exhibition at the William Morris Gallery brings together three different connections: Frank Brangwyn as a collector of Japanese art, his relationship with a Japanese patron, Kojiro Matsukata, and his collaboration with Urushibara, a young Japanese printmaker. When Kojiro Matsukata, the director of a shipping company, decided to build a museum in Tokyo to house his art collection, he asked Brangwyn to design it. The Museum would have been called ‘The Sheer Pleasure Arts Pavilion’. As well as referencing this story, which features in the exhibition, the title also refers to Brangwyn as a collector, and his real passion for Japanese art. The association with Urushibara is also fascinating,…

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I’M REALLY getting to like your new magazine, and, I have to say, it’s regenerating my painting interest! I have wanted to paint my grandchildren for some time, and the workshop by Stephen Gardner has spurred me on to have a go. However, I have been searching for the CP illustration board that he uses, and it seems to be an American product. Do you know of a UK supplier or do we call it by another name in the UK? Looking forward to the next issue. Peter Smith, via email Beren replies: Great to hear that Stephen inspired you to pick up the brushes again. Cold press illustration board is a surface that is only finished on one side, and is ideal for reproduction. Strathmore have plenty of options available in…

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About JILL TISBURY Northamptonshire, UK Jill is an artist and tutor who specialises in wildlife. She loves to experiment, but her two main passions are pastels and airbrushing (acrylics). www.jilltisbury.co.uk Experiment with Brusho ink pigments BRUSHO is a highly concentrated watercolour ink powder. The pigments produce vibrant colours, but can be toned down with water. It’s a very versatile medium, which suits our colourful subjects well! Here, I will take you through a selection of techniques that create some very interesting effects. Follow these steps... 1 I’ve drawn my image using a DotsPen (see the review in Issue 2) on watercolour paper using permanent ink, so that it doesn’t run when the colour is applied. I’ve applied masking fluid for areas that I want to keep white, as well as a wax resist for more broken…