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Week 3 - 2020

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fortnightly thought

PHEW!!! Trying to keep up with the royal saga over the past two weeks has been mind blowing; thank goodness we have our website, www. peoplemagazine.co.za, to keep you up to date with Meg and Harry’s coming and, well, going... To be honest, when I first heard about the ‘Megxit’ drama –what with she and Harry deciding to give up their front-line family duties and announcing their plans to move to Canada – I felt anger towards Meghan: we all just love Harry – how could he do this to us?! (Oh, and the queen and the British people, too, I guess.) But then I thought about the pressure they must feel of constantly being in the spotlight, and remembered how Diana, who divorced Charles in 1996, tried to move away from…

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wise old buddha the sphynx

ABUDDHABELLIED sphynx cat was recorded by his owner in an hilarious video that captures how most of us feel in January. With Christmas being over, and most of us having gorged and indulged ourselves a little too much over December, the New Year can be a tough reality check. And the same goes for the animal kingdom, as Jana Martinka filmed her bald six-year-old sphynx cat, called Amsterdam, who has become everyone’s January spirit animal. Jana filmed the chunky feline in her home in Vienna, Austria, as the rotund Amsterdam sat up like a human, with his large bald belly and rolls hanging out for all to see, including three-year-old Neytiri, a fellow sphynx cat, who was lying down looking up at her 7.5kg chubby husband. “I thought it was…

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in case you missed it!

1 JENNIFER LOPEZ is celebrating her long-running relationship with Versace by becoming the face of the label’s new campaign. The superstar has been associated with the Italian fashion house since 2000, when she wore the brand’s plunging jungle print dress to the Grammy Awards, with the iconic red carpet outfit leading to the creation of Google Images. She celebrated the look once again in September last year, when she sported an updated version to close Versace’s catwalk show in Milan. Now, Jennifer has revealed that she and Versace’s chief creative officer, Donatella Versace, are celebrating two decades of their professional relationship by collaborating on the brand’s Spring/Summer 2020 advertising campaign. “I am so excited I can finally reveal that I am the face of the #VersaceSS20 campaign!” the 50-year-old wrote on Instagram.…

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this month in history

1956: HEARTBREAK HOTEL is released by Elvis Presley - his first million-selling single. 27 JANUARY JANU 1967: THE BEATLES sign a nine-year worldwide contract with EMI records 1980: ROBERT MUGABE returns to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) after five years in exile. 1984: MICHAEL JACKSON is burnt during filming for Pepsi commercial. 28 JANUARY, 1878: YALE DAILY NEWS publishes first college daily newspaper. 29 JANUARY, 1948: MAHATMA GANDHI is assassinated by Hindu extremist NATHURAM GODSE. 30 JANUARY, 1978: MUTUAL BROADCASTING SYSTEM network begins airing LARRY KING’S show on radio. 31 JANUARY, 1971: APOLLO 14 is launched, first landing in the lunar highlands. 31 JANUARY, 1985: SA president PW Botha offers to free Nelson Mandela if he denounces violence. 31 JANUARY, 1976: SONNY and Cher resume TV show, despite real-life divorce. 1 FEBRUARY, 1989: DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES, visits New York City. 2 FEBRUARY,…

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heaven in hell

THESES adorable photos show a group of Japanese snow monkeys relaxing in Jigokudani, Hell’s Valley, in Japan. The award-winning pictures were taken by wildlife photographer Johan Siggesson. The Snow Monkeys, also known as Japanese macaques, have become extremely approachable due to the numerous photographers and tourists they see. They travel around in family groups called ‘troops’. “The monkeys in this area have learnt to come down to have a bath in the hot springs of the valley,” says Siggesson, who adds, “There are often a lot of monkeys found in this area, which has made it a popular tourist destination that attracts people from all over the world. They are often portrayed as docile animals sitting in the hot springs to relax. They do that and they love it, but…

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a glimpse into a prince’s charming world

IT’S true that the royal family in in the midst of troubled times, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s announcement that they plan on resigning as ‘senior’ members of the royal family – and becoming self-sufficient as they split their time between Canada and the United Kingdom – ruffling some feathers. But one person who isn’t feeling any of that chaos is Prince George. Palace insiders tell us that George looked like every other six-year-old child on Christmas morning as he tore into his gifts. It’s important for the family to keep him and his siblings, four-year-old Charlotte and 20-month-old Louis, grounded, so the morning of December 25 saw the future king baking with his 93-year-old great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and playing games with his young cousins. “I want George to…