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Performance VW December 2020

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If you're in to modified VWs then you need to be into Performance VW, the only publication that delivers hardcore VW junkies a guaranteed Dub hit on a monthly basis. Performance VW has been at the forefront of modified Volkswagens for over a decade now and has been instrumental in shaping the scene into the most innovative of its kind. It really is the only magazine that caters for true Dub enthusiasts. Whether you're after debuts on the world's fastest, finest and most fun VAG metal, or simply want inspiration from the quirkiest daily drivers, then there is only one place to be: PVW Magazine.

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United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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badly dubbed

So, what do you think of the new, slightly smaller format of the magazine we launched a few months back? Did anybody even notice? I though I’d give it a while before mentioning it, to give you all a change to get used to it. It’s quite possible some of you didn’t even notice, as the pagination still remains the same as does the amount of content, we’ve just made the magazine ever-so slightly more compact in its appearance. Why? Well, smaller gadgets are cooler, right, so why not the magazine? I must admit, I don’t normally like change and when the publisher mentioned the new format I was initially a bit on the fence, but seeing the magazine in print I’ve got to say I absolutely love it. It…

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sport utility

Being your own boss can, at times, be a recipe for admin-fuelled grief, but it’s a position with a long list of perks when you get it right. It’s a route to making the would-be nine-to-five fit around you; setting your own hours, deciding what you want to work on and calling the shots on how you want to do it. Perhaps most importantly, it’s also an opportunity for some of us to sidestep the run-of-the-mill company cars and vans and factor in the biggest perk of all; the shop truck. There’s certainly nothing run-of-the-mill about Dave Goodwin’s choice of workshop wheels, but then the same applies to his working life. An automotive trimmer with over 22 years of experience under his belt, including stitching hide at the Aston Martin factory…

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eurowise off road hardware

American fabrication specialist, Eurowise has just announced a new line of hardcore off-road products for the 2002-09 Cayenne, Audi Q7 and VW Touareg, plus more! This line includes everything from a complete range of underbody protection skid plates to rock sliders, plus also bolt on budget lift kits. There's also full blown off-road adjustable coilover suspensions on the table. Its HD roof rack system (above, right) retails at $899, while lift kits start at $295, rear diff skids are $229.99, control arm sliders £189 and skid plates retail at $425. For more bespoke products for the entire VAG range head over to www.shop.eurowise.com PRICE: From $189 CONTACT: www.shop.eurowise.com…

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give us a ‘p’

Every now and again you spot something online that stops you in your tracks, and these new wheels from German firm, Retrorad did just that. A modern take on the classic Pirelli P-slot wheel, these bad boys are diamond cut with black inserts to mimic the classic 14/15” wheel from the early 80s, but these are available in 8.5x19” ET45, so will fit most new wave 5x112 models. Even the centre cap is aluminium so that, too, could be diamond cut. We like the fact the screw to hold this in place is hidden in the ‘d’ of the Retrorad logo. Price at 1690 Euro a set (which includes worldwide shipping) we’d say they’re an absolute steal. When we spoke to Manuel at Retrorad, he mentioned they’re also hoping to…

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new balance

This exciting new product from Rally Design has taken some time to develop. The interaction between the detent knob, gearbox ratio, potentiometer and LED display was difficult to achieve, as it was important that one click of the detent knob revealed a new LED light in the display. Anyone who has seen a driver, with his head in the foot well, trying to determine the position of the balance bar bearing within the brake pedal will see the value of this innovative product. The kit itself includes ⅜ UNF and 7/16 UNF drive cable adaptors, 700mm drive cable, 20 LED display/digital circuits and a 12v input power. display/digital circuits and a 12v input power. PRICE: £118.56 CONTACT: www.rallydesign.co.uk…

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not tyred yet!

A very special guest took his place at the wheel of the fully-electric Volkswagen ID.R race car at the Nürburgring recently: Nico Rosberg, 2016 Formula 1 world champion! Nico took the 500-kW (680-PS) electric race car for a spin at the Grand Prix circuit in the Eifel region of Germany. Rosberg, who is passionate about electromobility, has invested heavily in future technologies since retiring from Formula 1. Among other things, he founded the Greentech Festival – an event focused on sustainability topics. The 35-year-old is particularly fascinated by companies with innovative solutions and more sustainable concepts in the field of mobility. Rosberg stated later on his social media channels that the car had the kind of performance he had only ever experienced before in Formula 1. While the weather gods…