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COVER IMAGE: Dan Sherwood ISSUE: October 2021 EDITOR Elliott Roberts ART DIRECTOR Lorna Mansford HEAD OF PERFORMANCE AD VERTISING Sarah ‘Churchy’ Halls Well, we made it! Twenty-five years and still going strong. Not quite sure how that happened, but having an awesome team of passionate contributors from around the world has certainly helped, as has having you lot of loyal readers picking up your monthly fix every four weeks - for which we are eternally grateful. Both Sarah (Ad Manager) and I have been a part of the team for over 20 years and Lorna, our faithful designer, isn’t far off that duration either (you’d get less for murder – All). And when I say team, it really is a group effort… always has been. While mag sales are up, the digital issue is increasing in popularity and Sarah…

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hype beast

In this ‘gram-ready world we live in it’s possible to get a little blasé about killer projects and awesome cars. Everything looks good, everyone’s living their best life and doing their utmost to sell you their respective wares. To be truly shocked by an internet post is, thus, a bit of a rarity. However, seeing Jay McToldridge (AKA Jay Mac) unload this Mk2 Golf off the trailer onto the hallowed ground of the Goodwood site the day before the Players Classic show was a shock. Not that we hadn't seen the car but that it was here in the UK! Jay had worked tirelessly with 40-year old Jean-Pierre Kraemer (JP) of JP Performance in Dortmund, Germany to get the car imported to the UK in time for the must-attend event.…

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mk1 golf rear beam brace kit

We just got wind from the team over at GDF Steelworks that they’re now taking orders for their new Mk1 Golf rear toe stabiliser kit. In short, the kit is a rear beam brace/stiffener that has been designed to eliminate lateral flex in the rear beam whilst cornering but still allows slight twist in the beam. It also allows slight toe adjustment. Constructed using laser cut 6mm plates and gussets with heavy duty rose joints, the brace features seamless tube and heavy duty fixings/hardware. The heavy duty seamless tubes have equally heavy-duty rose joints welded to each end. One end of each tube has opposite threads to allow easy adjustment by twisting the tube and locking it into place with the lock nut. The machined steel stubs are supported by laser…

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box clever

With 320PS (316bhp), the new Golf R Estate is claimed to be the most powerful and dynamic Golf Estate to date. The car features more power and driving dynamics, numerous innovations, more space and strong emotions: this is what makes the new Golf R Estate better than ever before. The standard 4MOTION all-wheel drive with R Performance Torque Vectoring is powered by a 2.0 TSI engine with a maximum torque of 420 Nm. Power is transmitted via an R-specific 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. The car sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62mph) in just 4.9 seconds but sadly (gladly) the top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. Thankfully, with the optional R Performance package, a top speed of 270 km/h is possible. The package also includes 19” wheels and…

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i ain’t new to this

Our friends over at HG Motorsport are wrapping up development of a bunch of new products for the Mk8 Golf platform. First up is its Bull-X downpipe for the Mk8 GTI which is direct replacement for the factory unit and made of stainless steel, tig welded and has the option of coming with a sports cat. Next up is the HFI carbon intake solution, using the same tech seen in previous HF-Series products. The team have used elaborate 3D scans and flow simulation to create the optimum in terms of efficiency and performance combination with an incomparable intake noise. Following suit is a whopping front-mount intercooler and 3” Ego-X handmade exhaust system. For more details and pricing on all of the above products, be sure to keep an eye on www.hg-motorsport PRICE:…

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rat pack

The chaps at GDF Steelworks don’t sit still for long. For just £60 they are happy to convert any KR/9a or ABF 16v cam cover to run Audi R8 style coil packs. This basically involved them securing the cover to a CNC mill and boring the holes out to a pre-programmed dimension with a super tight tolerance, that will then allow the use of R8 or TFSI coil packs. The lads are happy to either convert your existing cover or, if they have stock, do this on a exchange basis. Hit them up for details. And if you’re interested in the breather seen in this application, then that can be done for an additional £75. PRICE: From £60.00 CONTACT: @gdfautofab…