PleinAir Magazine December/January 2020-2021

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plein air heritage

During the last decade of his life, John Henry Twachtman (American, 1853–1902) frequently painted views of the brook, falls, and pools surrounding his home in Greenwich, Connecticut. The work ranges from naturalistic representations to enlarged, simplified visions in which the sky is often eliminated. The oriental feel of these pieces points to the artist’s study of Zen philosophy and Japanese art. And while their analytic nature has much in common with Monet’s garden scenes, they more closely resemble Whistler’s nocturnes, conveying a tonal, spiritual response to the landscape. A contemporary critic observed, “Twachtman painted day, as Whistler painted night.” Displaying this poetic sensibility, the artist often explored the quiet beauty of a snowy landscape, finding the icy terrain conducive to contemplation and regeneration. Keying his palette to the saturated white of…

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pandemic. now what?

Though we’re all a little tired of hearing about the pandemic, and a little insecure about what happens next, I’m optimistic. There will be an end to it someday, and if for some odd reason there isn’t, we have to survive just the same. So what’s next? Based on my personal experience of being live on social media daily at noon, and doing art instruction video samples every afternoon at 3:00 p.m. (ET), I have a feeling that something exciting is happening. I’m hearing from literally thousands of artists who tell me that this dedicated period of painting and learning has elevated their work. The extended time for experimentation has resulted in fresh ideas, creative breakthroughs, and a massive backlog of artwork ready for the marketplace. I’ve also seen a deeper community relationship…

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from coast to coast

In a year filled with confusion and anxiety, we’ve also seen incredible displays of ingenuity. In early spring, when galleries had to close their doors and events and workshops were cancelled or postponed across the country, we all worried about how the arts would survive. But then creatives got creative. Artists, organizers, and gallery owners adjusted, finding ways to stay active and relevant — from delivering paintings to collectors so they could experience the work in their homes before buying, to converting in-person workshops to online and hosting virtual plein air events that kept participating artists and communities engaged and connected. And in many cases, the results exceeded expectations, revealing new opportunities that may become part of standard operating procedures going forward. Through it all, artists have continued to do what…

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greg larock (1965-2020)

California artist Greg LaRock passed away this October, two days after a rollerblading accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury. “The loss is both inexplicable and unimaginable,” says his wife, Laurie, but “his spirit lives on in those of us who knew and loved him, and in his timeless and beautiful paintings.” Upon his passing, fellow painter Kim VanDerHoek was inspired to relay this story: “Beyond being a great artist, instructor, and friend, Greg always had a unique perspective about the day-to-day issues of being a professional artist. Years ago, we were both hanging our work at the Sonoma Plein Air Festival. I expressed some anxiety about sales to him, and asked how he was able to remain so calm. He said, ‘I don’t worry about it because it’s beyond my…

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9th annual salon winners announced

Typically, Salon winners are called to the stage at the Plein Air Convention & Expo to receive their awards. Because this year’s convention was cancelled due to the corona-virus, the awards were presented live via Facebook and YouTube on September 25, 2020, with finalists joining the broadcast from their homes across the country. Colorado artist Dave Santillanes received the $15,000 Grand Prize and had this to say about his award-winning painting, High Places: “This piece resulted from many, many plein air hikes up to Lake of Glass, a high alpine lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s one of my favorite places to paint, but it’s quite a hike to get back there — about 10 miles round trip, with all of my gear in a backpack. It’s such a phenomenal…

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What child doesn’t delight in the promise of a snow day? For some intrepid plein air painters, the thrill remains. After all, a good snowfall can turn even the most mundane landscape into something spectacular. Here, 17 artists share their views of a world blanketed in snow.…