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PleinAir Magazine Feb/Mar 2015

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plein air heritage

By all accounts, the relationship between Edward Hopper and his artist wife, Josephine Nivison Hopper (1883-1968), was complicated in the extreme. They fought bitterly, yet shared a small studio and went everywhere together. They harshly criticized one another’s paintings and personalities, yet they vigorously promoted one another’s art careers. In the end, Josephine died after, as she said, “feeling like an amputee” during the 10 months after Edward’s passing, and she left thousands of Edward’s paintings, prints, and drawings to the Whitney Museum of American Art. In doing that, she guaranteed his reputation as an important artist. Unfortunately, the museum deaccessioned much of her work that was also included in the bequest. When the couple traveled to the West Coast, they stopped in Wyoming, where Edward made several watercolors, including this…

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the ultimate dinner party

I was having dinner with artist friends, and the conversation came around to this question: Which great landscape artists from the past would you invite to the ultimate dinner party? Without hesitation, I suggested John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Joaquin Sorolla, Mary Cassatt, Ilya Repin, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh (he’s always the life of the party), and early plein air artist Claude Lorrain. We talked about what we would ask them about their lives and their techniques. We mused about what it would be like to have all those great artists in a room together, and what a historic moment in time it would be. Then it crossed my mind that people will look back on the great artists of our day and wish they could be together with them,…

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the surface qualities of paintings

Idon’t deliberately pick a unifying theme to connect the articles in an issue of PleinAir, but it often happens that one aspect of the plein air painting process winds up being highlighted in several of the profiles in the publication. One month the featured artists might talk about being successful at festivals, the next issue they could discuss ways to improve compositions, and the issue after that might present ideas for dealing effectively with color relationships. When interviewing the artists featured in this issue, for example, I found most wanted to talk about the importance of the surface appearance of their watercolor, oil, pastel, or acrylic paintings. That is, they want the texture, transparency, brushwork, edges, and value relationships among the layers of paint to express their feelings as much as…

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but it’s never been more tempting to try.

Words can’t adequately describe the beauty of the Monterey Peninsula. A rugged coastline of windblown trees, spectacular sunsets, innumerable }hypl{plz#vm#›#v~lyz3#w|ywsl#opssz3#tpz{¢#kpz{hujlz3#huk#hujplu{#tpzzpvuz#{oh{# make the past stand still — and that’s merely a short list of the things that have drawn painters here for well over a hundred years. And that’s why we’re returning one last time to Monterey for the Plein Air Convention & Expo. The Nuts & Bolts. Five days of events will be centered around the Monterey Conference Center, including demonstrations on four stages by top artists, with stages for oil painting, water media, and pastel. Giant HDTV screens allow everyone to see the details. Each afternoon you’ll paint together in selected locations, with instructors there to coach as desired. The giant Expo Hall will be full of vendors selling paints,…

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attend any or all

Full-Time Tracks for Oil, Water Media, and Pastel Artists Our faculty is full of top artists in all three of the most popular painting media, including Carolyn Anderson, George Carlson, Len Chmiel, watercolorist Jean Haines, pastel artist Albert Handell, Quang Ho, T. Allen Lawson, and many others. Watch their demonstrations, talk with them, and whpu{#~p{o#{olt#pu#{ol#Ý#lsk5# Every Level from Beginner to Expert This may sound like a big event, and it is, kind of. But it is one put together to cater to artists of all levels, ~ol{oly#¢v|Ôyl#h#Ý#yz{4{ptl#wslpu#hpy#whpu{ly# (we get many) or a professional. We’re one giant family, and we’re lots of fun. (Beginners may also enjoy our pre-convention Basics Course.) We’re here for . So come and meet new friends from you all over the world. Daily Painting with Top Painters Following each day’s sessions,…

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a gathering of legends: 78 brilliant faculty to give you a historic experience.

New This Year 1. Evening Painting Critique Sessions Tuesday 7-9 PM with C.W. Mundy and Carolyn Anderson Wednesday 7-9 PM withQuangHoandLoriPutnam 2. Nocturne Painting On Location Tuesday 7-9:30 PM with John Lasater and Jason Sacran Wednesday 7-9:30 PM withJohnLasaterandJasonSacran 3. Rebels of Plein Air—Evening Sessions with Painters Under 40 Tuesday and Wednesday 7-9 PM Special sessions of painting and discussion withyoungpainters,includingUlrichGleiter, Antonin Passemard, Anastasia Dukhanina, Jesse Powell, Anton Pavlenko, and TurnerVinson. 4. Rock & Roll Closing Party Thursday 8-11 PM Livebandperformingonthemainstage Eric Rhoads’ Art Marketing Boot Camp IV —Two Special New Early-Morning Marketing Sessions Tuesday Morning: Eric Rhoads and blogger/ artist Lori McNee will discuss strategies for social media marketing and blogging. McNee has 160,000 followers and will show you her tricks for marketing via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Wednesday and Thursday Mornings: Transform your career with this brand-new series…