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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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family told to go back to india

KRIBASHNEE Archary did not celebrate Diwali this year because she was mourning the death of her father. But it did not stop her and her family from being attacked and called c******. Archary, 38, lives with her mother in Heuweloord in Centurion. Her father, who she shared a home with, died in May this year. “As per the Hindu custom, when there is a death in the family, we mourn for a year," said Archary. "We do not hold big celebrations or anything, out of respect for our lost loved ones. “My dad loved Diwali. He used to go all-out to ensure that we enjoyed the day. “Knowing the pain of not having him here, my sisters and their families came to our home to spend the evening with my mom and I." Archary has three…

4 min.
durban horse trainer suspended

DURBAN horse trainer Frank Robinson, pictured, has been issued with an interim suspension pending the outcome of an investigation into a social media comment on fireworks. Robinson, 51, was accused of racism and religious intolerance after he allegedly called those who lit fireworks, “a piece of sh** race” and “childish and stupid”. He was allegedly responding to a Facebook post by a friend, George Croucher, on the treatment of animals. It is believed to have been posted last Thursday but has now been deleted. A screenshot of the post circulated on social media and read: “The human race has to be the most selfish species on the planet, self-gratification no matter how it affects both domestic animals or our wildlife … “ Robinson commented: “Agree wholeheartedly, piece of sh** race that shows how stupid…

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focus fuels racer to achieve circuit victory

LUSHEN Ramchander cruised his way to victory recently, becoming the first black South African to win the Hankook National Formula Vee Championship at the Extreme Festival in Zwartkops, Gauteng Ramchander, 33, formerly of Chats-worth, in Durban, won the title in the single-seater category. The parts sales executive for Land Rover Jaguar in Bedfordview moved to Randburg to get closer to the racetrack. His passion for racing started in 2014 when he watched a karting race. “I’ve always been a car enthusiast and my dad and I went to watch this local race. It was exciting,” said Ramchander. “I told my dad that I wanted to give it a try and he supported me. Within weeks, he bought an old car and that's how I learnt more about the sport and competing. In 2001, I…

2 min.
tongaat doctor leads trial for vaccine

A TONGAAT-BORN doctor has been chosen to lead the South African trial for a groundbreaking Covid-19 vaccine that has proven 90% effective in preventing the virus. Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical company, has been working on the vaccine. It chose Dr Essack Mitha as its national principal investigator to head the study in the country. Mitha, who opened the Newtown Clinical Research Centre in Johannesburg, a private clinical trial site in 2004, has conducted more than 100 trials as a principal investigator. He is originally from the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast and moved to Johannesburg with his parents in 1999. He later qualified as a doctor at the KwaZulu-Natal School of Medicine, at the University of KZN. In 2002, he opened a practice and in 2004 he started the clinical trial centre. The clinical trials have been conducted…

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diwali greetings from the white house

IN A JOINT statement, president-elect Joe Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris conveyed their wishes to those observing Diwali on Saturday. “On behalf of our families, we wish a happy Diwali to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and everyone celebrating the festival of lights across the United States, India, and the world. “Like so many cherished traditions during the pandemic, we know this year’s Diwali and its symbolising of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and empathy over apathy arrives with a deeper meaning. Our hearts go out to everyone who is ushering in this new year with the recent loss of a loved one, or who finds themselves fallen on hard times. “Our prayers remain with everyone fighting the pandemic on the front lines instead of staying safe at home in prayer with their…

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young spinner dreams big

CADEN Pillay is 8 years old and one of the youngest spinners in South African motorsport. The Grade 2 pupil at Welridge Academy lives in Weltevredenpark, Roodepoort. His parents, Reuben, 49, and Michelle, 42, are formerly from Durban. They run two businesses, one in plant hire and civil engineering, and the other in building supplies. Caden started spinning at age 6, a trait he learned from his dad, who has been spinning for more than 15 years. Pillay said spinning was a recognised motorsport in the country, with its origins in the townships during apartheid. “One has to register with Motorsport South Africa to spin at events. Spinning entails your ability to manoeuvre the vehicle by engaging the gears, clutch and accelerator simultaneously with high revs.” He said it also involved multitasking with eye, hand…