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Practical Horseman Dressage Today Extra Volume 4

It presents step by-step training programs and showing advice from recognized experts in hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage, and eventing, along with money- and time-saving ideas on health care and stable management.

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6 min.
symmetrical thinking

Whether I am showing, training or teaching, I constantly think about balance and symmetry in the horse and rider. These qualities are crucial to the proper execution of every movement in dressage. To do well in dressage, you have to be aware of your body and your horse’s body at all times, and then you have to be able to calibrate your adjustments perfectly. While I am riding, I often visualize an overview of guide lines and squares intersecting my body and my horse. This “symmetrical thinking” is a powerful tool. It helps me quickly recognize and correct problems before they get big. In this article, I will explain how I achieve symmetry in my riding as well as how I develop it in my students and horses. Awareness of the Horse’s…

1 min.
take your time

It’s tempting to play with the powerful gaits offered by a young, big-moving horse. Resist the temptation. Don’t make him chase his own balance. Riding a youngster with more power than he can handle puts him at risk for injury and stresses him mentally. How much power is too much? Can you keep his rhythm consistent throughout the arena? Does he offer a fancy trot down the long side of the arena, but lose cadence in the corners? Before you ask for power, take time to develop your youngster’s balance, rhythm and maneuverability.…

4 min.
find your balance

The Wii Balance Board—an accessory that goes with the Nintendo Wii video game console—is a great tool to help you find your center of gravity. It looks like a scale, but it has pressure sensors that can detect the distribution of your weight and balance in real time. For example, you might think you are standing perfectly centered, but the balance board reveals that you are standing heavier on one foot and leaning forward. In other words, it provides the hardcore feedback you need to perfect your balance. The Wii also offers several games to help you improve your balance awareness. of balance. When I ride, I have found that I have to analyze my horse’s responses and recalibrate my aids with every stride. I am always reorganizing my horse with…

4 min.
how studying biomechanics enhances your training

What sets apart the horse who has amazing expression in his work from others? If you were to ask an engineer or someone who studies movement, he or she would use biomechanics to analyze the question. Biomechanics is the study of the forces that affect movement of the body. It examines how muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments operate together for a horse to walk, passage or perform lateral movements. Different anatomical structures work in synchrony. The bones are the support structure. They are rigid and provide a framework. The joints’ anatomy dictates their degree of mobility (range of motion). Ligaments are the connections between bones, frequently involving joints. They are strong and flexible, allowing for distinct movement of a joint while providing stability. The muscles serve to propel the horse and…