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Practical Horseman March 2017

It presents step by-step training programs and showing advice from recognized experts in hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage, and eventing, along with money- and time-saving ideas on health care and stable management.

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editor’s note

Last month, I mentioned that in an early stage of riding, I became obsessed with seeing a distance. So this month, reading our clinic coverage of German Olympic eventing gold medalist Andreas Dibowski (page 42), I paused when he said, “Finding a distance is practially an obsession for riders who compete in jumping disciplines.” Andreas explains that a rider’s responsibility is to show the horse the right direction, give him the correct speed, keep her own balance and know the condition of the horse and her own fitness. The horse’s responsibility is to find the moment of take-off. You need to be aware of the distance to the fence, he says, but you want to focus more on creating a powerful canter and maintaining it all the way to the base…

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jumping clinic with george morris

George H. Morris is the former chef d’équipe of the U.S. Equestrian Federation Show Jumping Team. He serves on the USEF National Jumper Committee and Planning Committee, is an adviser to the USEF High- Performance Show Jumping Committee and is president of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame. 1Our first rider has a very good position. I am fanatical about the placement of the stirrup because if it’s where it should be, it gives you the right support. This rider’s stirrup is at a right angle to the girth, a quarter of her toe is in the iron with her little toe touching the outside branch of the iron. She is flexing her ankle and driving her heel down. Her whole calf is in contact with the horse’s rib cage and…

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conformation clinic with julie winkel

Place these horses in your order of preference. Then turn the page to see how your choices compare to sporthorse judge Julie Winkel’s. Whether judging a model class, evaluating a prospect for a client or sizing up the yearlings at home, I first stand back and look for an overall impression of balance and symmetry. My ideal horse “fits” in a square box. By that, I mean he is defined by matching and equal parts, both front to back and side to side. This allows for athletic ability, soundness, trainability and longevity in the job. A horse who fits in a box will have a body made up of one-third shoulder, one-third back and one-third hindquarters. I like to see the withers and point of croup at the same level. The horse’s…

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cross country with jim wofford

Safe jumping depends, at least in part, on letting our horses figure it out for themselves. Based at Fox Covert Farm, in Upperville, Virginia, Jim Wofford competed in three Olympics and two World Championships and won the U.S. National Championship five times. He is also a highly respected coach. For more on Jim, go towww.jimwofford.blogspot.com. When I started writing this column more than 10 years ago, I promised that I would always be willing to address difficult issues and to express my opinion about them. In the decade since then, I have been continually surprised to realize that people read what I write. I know this because I get a fair amount of response to my columns—mostly positive but mixed with occasional hate mail. I haven’t caused my editors too many problems…

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inside your ride

how to enjoy and succeed during the big moments An equestrian mental-skills coach and A-Circuit competitor, Tonya Johnston has a master’s degree in sport psychology. Her book, Inside Your Ride: Mental Skills for Being Happy and Successful with Your Horse is available in paperback or e-book editions. For more info on Tonya’s work, go towww.TonyaJohnston.com. Winning a national hunter-seat medal final is a tremendous accomplishment. It is rare for one rider to win more than one final in one year, but last year it happened twice. TJ O’Mara and Hunter Holloway each won two national finals in their last year of eligibility as junior riders. TJ took the 2016 National Champion USEF Talent Search Medal Finals and 2016 Pessoa/U.S. Hunter Seat Medal Final and Hunter won the 2016 WIHS Medal Finals and…

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top jumpers team up

Show-jumping partners Enrique Gonzalez and Eduardo Menezes hone their craft for identifying and developing talented young horses while ascending the sport’s international rankings. Backstage at the Del Mar Arena was a madhouse when Enrique Gonzalez and Eduardo Menezes finished first and third in the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Del Mar qualifier last October. Family members, friends, fans and strangers were happily swept up in the hug-fest following the victories of these partners in E2 Stables, which has locations in San Diego, California, and, as of this year, Wellington, Florida. Enrique hails from Mexico, for which he contested the 2008 Olympics, the 2011 Pan Am Games and the 2014 World Equestrian Games. Eduardo is from Brazil, and he was that country’s lead-off rider in show jumping at the 2016 Rio Olympics, where…