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I’M NOT SURE if Vince McMahon sends out Christmas cards each year. If he does, I’m certainly not on the list, but one person who should be is Anthony J. Wood. Familiar with that name? Didn’t think so. I wasn’t either until a few minutes ago when I Googled the question, “Who invented the DVR?” Why would McMahon be so beholden to this man? There are 2.4 billion reasons. That’s the number of dollars WWE will be paid by NBC Universal and Fox over the course of five years for the respective rights to Raw and Smackdown, beginning in the fall of 2019. And that windfall might not have been possible without one Anthony J. Wood. It was Wood who introduced the digital video recorder on behalf of his company, ReplayTV,…

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before the bell

THE COMIC BOOK STORY OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING Not long ago, comic books were widely regarded as something of a lowbrow curiosity, relegated to rusty spin racks and the lowest shelves of gas stations and conveniences stores. But for maturing legions of Gen Xers, comics are now regarded as a credible medium through which even the most complex of subjects are made interesting and accessible to all ages. A genre well-known for action and bombast, comic books have much in common with professional wrestling, and recognizing these commonalities, Aubrey Sitterson and Chris Moreno have effectively married these pop culture institutions through their book, The Comic Book Story Of Professional Wrestling. Where most chronicles of professional wrestling might be content to use the era of Gotch and Hackenschmidt as a jumping off point, The…

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CM PUNK HAS come off a series of highs and lows and now finds himself at the crossroads: What now? Let’s start with a high point for Punk. He and Colt Cabana scored a legal victory over WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. This issue stemmed from a 2014 edition of Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling podcast in which Punk accused Dr. Amann of negligence. The former WWE champion explained that he had a “giant lump” on his buttocks leading into that year’s Royal Rumble and that Dr. Amann didn’t properly diagnose or treat the problem despite Punk’s concern that it was a staph infection. Dr. Amann felt Punk’s inflammatory remarks were incorrect and that they harmed his reputation and caused emotional distress. He filed a $4-million lawsuit against…

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quick count

WITH SO MUCH wrestling to watch on TV these days, it can be difficult to find time to, you know, actually have a life. But there’s still some summer left, so get outside and enjoy it. That’s why outdoor projection screens were invented. This summer’s fun-themed edition of “Quick Count” includes some ideas to help you get through the dog days. GET A TAN In the 1980s and early-’90s, a dark tan was essential pro wrestling fashion—right up there with a fanny pack and Zubaz parachute pants. But times have changed. Now somebody just needs to let Big Cass know that. Since returning in April following an extended injury hiatus, Cass has been sporting a skin tone so unnatural that it would make Hulk Hogan circa 1991 jealous. It’s a shade of orange rarely…

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the straight shooter

IN 1965, WRESTLER and actor Mike Mazurki established The Cauliflower Alley Club as a fraternal organization for professional wrestlers, boxers, and Hollywood “tough guys.” The name came as a reference to the mangled cauliflower ears: Mazurki and many other wrestlers of his era sported, visible testimonies to the punishment they endured in the ring; ears mauled by years of stiff headlocks and blunt force trauma. Mazurki’s left ear was selected as the official logo of the club, which eventually moved away from boxing and acting to focus entirely on pro wrestling. The annual C.A.C. Reunion in Las Vegas is a unique event. Once a closed gathering exclusively for industry insiders (wrestlers, promoters, referees, etc.), the C.A.C. now allows fans to become members, and the reunion has become a hybrid wrestling homecoming and…

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win, lose, or draw

THE GREAT BRUNO Sammartino casts a long shadow, even in death. His April 18 passing reverberated throughout the industry and beyond, from the marquee of Madison Square Garden to a 10-bell salute on Monday Night Raw. “Luscious” Johnny Valiant and “Number One” Paul Jones passed away at around the same time, but their deaths didn’t receive quite as much attention. I’d like to acknowledge those two men right here. Johnny Valiant and Paul Jones probably never even met. Yet they did have something—actually, someone—in common: Jimmy Valiant. He is the link between both men, the brother of one and the nemesis of the other. In the 20 years I’ve been writing this column, I have never come across a friendlier, more polite man than Jimmy Valiant. Perhaps I was just looking for…