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Alternatives Journal Issue 42:3 Belonging

Alternatives Journal provides critical and well-researched analysis of environmental issues in the clear, comprehensible style of a magazine. Issues are thematically focused, presenting in-depth exploration of specific topics like water conservation, climate change, green energy, sustainability, waste reduction and much more.<br><br>Back issues cover the history of the environmental movement.

Alternatives Journal (A\J - Canada's Environmental Voice) of Canada
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A Governor-General’s Journey The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson (Canada’s 26th Governor General from 1999-2005) has experienced tragedy and triumph in a life’s journey that has seen her travel the country and the world as Canada’s highest representative. Madam Clarkson shares extended lessons gleaned from her book, Belonging: The Paradox of Citizenship and explains why we can be both part of Canada as a country, and part of every other person who shares our land, our values and our Go Digital! Check out your options at Any device, any time. ISLAM AND ENVIRONMENT, CLIMATE REFUGEES & BENEFITS OF BELONGING Indigenous housing Shelagh McCartney, Jeffrey Herskovits & Kathryn Trnavsky reconcile community health concerns with Indigenous Climate refugees Semini Pathberiya investigates climate change, the Syrian war, refugees, and considers the 200 million more climate refugees projected for Islam &…

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foundations of belonging

WE ARE SO VERY PLEASED to be sharing this special issue of Alternatives Journal with you. It was developed in collaboration with The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation (The KWCF), and our shared journey of discovery began with a goal of exploring the concept of “belonging” in its myriad of meanings. The KWCF fosters programs and solutions that help individuals and groups to enhance their sense of belonging within Southern Ontario’s fast growing Waterloo Region. As we developed this issue, we wondered if the community-building stories about enhancing a sense of belonging would be transferable to the Canadian environmental community. Nearly a half century young, our movement is only beginning to understand the importance of collective impacts and unified voices. We need to build stronger bonds within and between environmental groups across Canada –…

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a\j creators

MEET THE TEAM who helped deepen our sense of BELONGING. Intrepid, impassioned and committed to making their little corners of this world a better place, our contributors shared their insights and perspectives in helping to answer the question: how do you build better communities? The Belonging theme section contributors are: The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of those within the KW Region. Bruce Lauckner is the Chief Executive Officer for the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network where he works closely with clinicians and community partners. His expertise is in public administration and policy and he blends that with a passion for public health and community development. Kathy Storring is an award-winning journalist with over 25 years experience covering breaking news and in-depth stories from…

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a letter to the editor

Faith & Change “These days, there is much terrible news on climate change. One may now choose from a wide variety of YouTube videos that offer reasons why their authors think humans will be gone by 2030 – 15 years away! Consequently, it was with mounting disquiet that I read through the Faith in Earth issue of A/J. I haven’t got a lot of faith in those who say, “I have faith in the future because I have FAITH” (Ursula M. Franklin, A/J 42:1, p. 80). That quintessentially circular argument attaches to almost every voice in the magazine: Atwood “believes,” McKibben “hopes,” the ghosts of Julian Simon and Pollyanna are much in evidence. But do we have time for them? Instead, can we move on to approaches that may yet solve the…

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investors watch tesla

TESLA’S ANNOUNCEMENT that it will seek to acquire SolarCity for $US2.6- billion coincides with the announcement of its “Master Plan, Part Deux”, a blog post outlining Tesla’s plans to revolutionize the transportation sector in the years ahead. For all investors, this has been a moment of reflection and reconsideration, and for investors motivated by the environmental impacts of their investments, an opportunity to look around the bend on Tesla’s ambition. For those looking carefully, Tesla’s corporate success to date has relied on the value investors place on Elon Musk’s vision and strategy as much as anything else. According to the Nasdaq Composite Index, Tesla’s stock price initially opened to the public at $19.20 in June 2010, and over the past year, has had a price of between $141 and $272 –…

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research digest

Whale Wanted: Alive ALASKA In the summer of 2014, Phillip Morin didn’t expect a dead whale on a beach in St. George, Alaska, to propel him on an adventure to describe a new species. But that’s exactly what happened after a local teacher told him about it. Morin, a molecular geneticist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center, initially thought the carcass was a Baird’s beaked whale, which are fairly common in the area and sometimes wash in, dead, with the tide. But a few details about the carcass, such as the colouration and position of the dorsal fin, didn’t match any known description of a Baird’s beaked whale. Morin conducted research around the globe to determine what species the whale was, including examining more than 50 DNA samples from…