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Canadian Cycling Magazine April/May 2018

A Canadian magazine committed to providing the best articles on getting more out of your ride. Whether you are a mountain or road rider, you’ll find the bike and gear reviews, training secrets, route suggestions, maintenance tips and nutrition info you need to be a better rider. Find inspiring news on the pro racing scene, photos and features.

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in with the new gear and the new athletes

“Why do I feel a bit faster after I put on new bar tape or after I wipe grime off of the frame?” I don’t usually take our longtime columnist James “Cranky” Ramsay too seriously. He’s a humour writer, after all, who excels at poking fun at himself as well as some of the absurdities of our sport. In Ramsay’s current column, ‘The Performance Gains of New Gear’ (p.24), he writes, “I’m inspired by gear. That’s right – new, shiny stuff. It makes me ride faster.” Ride faster? That’s silly, right? It’s just a comic exaggeration, right? New stuff can’t make you ride faster, can it? Sure, if you’ve been riding the same Schwinn Sting-Ray since the ’70s, and then tomorrow you upgraded to a new aero bike (p.68), you’d probably notice…

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An edgy debate I’ll never really understand cyclists. I don’t mean people who ride bicycles. I mean your lot. The Lance Armstrongs. The extremists who think the roads were made for them and motorized traffic is an inconvenience and who ride three abreast at 20 km/h yapping away on a Sunday ride. God forbid we should dare to try and get by. Hell, we’re only approaching at three times your speed, which is, by the way, the speed limit for automobiles. But hey, you’re cyclists; we need to take care. I’ve been riding motorcycles for 40 years, and one thing I know is that you’ll never win an argument with a car. Go ahead. Be cocky. Cars are the enemy. I’ll tell you one thing: you can’t give us the finger…

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letter of the issue

Why you should brave the weather Living on the West Coast of Canada, you get used to mountain biking in the wet and cold come winter. Well, unless you spend your weekends planted on your trainer like some sort of pampered cycling royalty. Usually it’s a matter of just convincing yourself to get out your door, amidst constant drizzle and the featureless grey skies. But sometimes the weather is especially anomalous, like it was on a recent weekend. Sumas Mountain, looming through the mist, took on medieval qualities as the rain pummelled down. The climb up was strange, with water cascading down the old logging road forming rivulets and cutting off the usual lines up the steeper sections. Then came the slush section, sucking out what energy we still possessed and…

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Jeremy Nathan Building the Perfect Bike, p.52 Jeremy Nathan is a professional photographer, writer and avid cyclist. As editor of Life is a Beautiful Detail, Nathan tests and reviews cycling equipment and apparel while telling stories to inspire passion for the sport. His work has been published in both national and international media outlets and for various brands. Diana Ballon Among the Poppies and Quiet Roads of the Loire Valley, p.100 Diana Ballon began spinning her wheels in earnest after severing her ACL at the end of a surfing lesson in Tofino, B.C. Rehab began on a stationary bike at a drab Toronto gym, and eventually led her to the Loire Valley, where the scenery was a lot nicer. As a non-driver, she relies on cycling as her main mode of transportation. Ballon writes about…

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the calendar

APRIL 1 Don’t let those April showers that bring May flowers keep you from getting out to ride. Check out ‘Top Tips for Riding in the Rain’ on p.38. 4-15 The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia features road, mountain and track cycling. Emily Batty and Haley Smith (p.104) are slated to compete in the women’s XC event on April 11. 12-15 Two new Toronto Hustle riders, Ethan Palamarek and Kurt Penno (p.12), are planning to make their race debuts with the team at the Joe Martin Stage Race in Fayetteville, Ark. 14 MEC is going groad. The outdoor equipment retailer has been organizing accessible road rides for five years. On this day in Victoria, riders can meet for a 30-km or 40-km ride featuring some fun gravel. The company is hoping to…

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looking ahead

Coal Miner’s Lung Race “We have taken something that was, to be quite honest, an environmental disaster, and created something special. It’s unique. It’s different than any other trail system in the Maritimes.” says Dr. Sean Morrissy. He stumbled upon Minto, N.B.’s abandoned coal mines six years ago and thought, “This would be epic to ride.” Today, 40 km of singletrack snake back and forth along the old mines’ mud dumps and tailings. Flanked by turquoise pools and new-growth forest, smooth and flowy trails are punctuated by deep valleys and the occasional surprise hairpin bend. In 2016, the newly formed Mountain Bike Minto hosted the inaugural Coal Miner’s Lung Race. With 102 riders, it was among the most heavily attended events in New Brunswick. Attendance remained high in 2017 despite at-times torrential rain…