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Canadian Cycling Magazine June & July 2019 / Vol 10 Issue 3

A Canadian magazine committed to providing the best articles on getting more out of your ride. Whether you are a mountain or road rider, you’ll find the bike and gear reviews, training secrets, route suggestions, maintenance tips and nutrition info you need to be a better rider. Find inspiring news on the pro racing scene, photos and features.

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the expanding list of canadian cycling heroes

Like me, you’ve probably had the following conversation. It often happens in July, during the Tour de France. The race comes up as you chat with someone who doesn’t follow cycling as closely as you. But everyone’s heard of the Tour. You mention this great bit of trivia: “You know, the first North American to wear the yellow jersey at the Tour – he’s a Canadian.” Then you tell your listener about Alex Stieda’s morning in a breakaway on a split stage in 1986 that got him the maillot jaune. Now, also like me, you’ll have to change your story a bit after reading Dan Dakin’s feature in this issue. Your story will now start like this: “You know, the first North American to wear the yellow jersey at the…

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adidas système 3

Look and Cinelli are usually the first brands that come to mind when you think of the first mass-market clipless pedals. But in the late ’80s, a brand not usually associated with cycling came out with some novel platforms. You had to use Adidas’ shoes if you wanted to run these pedals. There’s no cleat to attach. Instead, channels in the soles slide into the sides of the pedals. A pedal lock or bolt (verrou in the pedals’ French instructions) secures a shoe even further when you engaged it into a recess in the sole. The lever on the side of the pedal gives you three settings for the lock. The “city” position puts the lock down in the pedal so you can slide the shoe in and out of the channels…

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the calendar

JUNE 6-9 While the pro races at the Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau are a big draw – attracting the world’s top women riders, especially when they’re on the hunt for points a year away from the Olympics – there are also events for the rest of us. The Navy Bike Ride (June 8) is a family-friendly ride with a fundraising component in support of the Our Troops Fund and the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund. Also, there’s a 111.8-km gran fondo and 69-km medio fondo, both on June 9. 9 The Pine Needle Mountain Bike and Music Festival rocks at Little Red River Park, Sask. When it’s not your turn to ride in the six-hour enduro, you can take in the live music. 15 Want a chance to ride for a world championship…

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Why are there so many fast kids riding in the Comox Valley? Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland – three adjacent small towns on northern Vancouver Island – have a collective population of fewer than 45,000. Yet, the Comox Valley currently boasts three national championship titles (between Emilly Johnston and Carter Woods) and three XCO Canada Cup series champions (Johnston, Woods and Jakob Yells). While Johnston and Woods’ national titles have drawn attention, there’s been a crowd of Comox Valley athletes near the front of U.S. Cup and Canada Cup races this year. “It’s pretty fun to have all your friends there,” Woods says of racing these big events with familiar faces. “We’ve all grown up riding together, so it’s pretty crazy to see.” Following in the tire tracks of Johnston and Woods, who are juniors,…

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what’s hot

Time Osmos 15 Shoes $450, Recently, Time, the French maker of bikes and pedals, started producing shoes. The Osmos series features a stiff, but fairly narrow sole. The company says that by bringing a rider’s foot closer to the pedal’s spindle, the rider can pedal more efficiently. The airy mesh panels on the shoes’ uppers make the Osmos the perfect summer footwear. The Osmos 15 is the top-of-the-line model. It weighs a claimed 450 g. Bontrager Aeolus Elite Road Bike Saddle $190, In April, Bontrager released three new Aeolus saddles. The Pro, Elite and Comp are all on trend with their reduced length. They are 250-mm long, 20 mm shorter than Bontrager’s Montrose and Ajna saddles. The Aeolus’ length, wider nose and long cut-out will keep you comfortable, especially when you are getting…

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ride hard, party hard

If the guys from The Rise showed up to your party, you’d be relieved in a way. The riders affiliated with the Montreal-based crew like their rock ’n’ roll, especially the heavy riffs of Blue Cheese, a band from their area. Their stokeness would ensure your party would go off. But you’d also be a bit nervous. They bring a sense of danger, which is appropriate considering the type of riding they do. In sessions, which range from street to park to dirt, the freeriders launch into tailwhips, 360s, tuck no-handers, backflips and barspins. In late winter and early spring, The Rise released a 14-episode video series chronicling its most recent Partymaster Tour. In the summer of 2018, the riders packed into a bus and travelled across Ontario and Quebec. Wherever…