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July/August 2021
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Dedicated to getting runners the tools they need to succeed, Canadian Running gives professional advice and inspiration on everything you need to be faster, fitter and healthier. The magazine provides the latest on training, gear reviews, nutrition information and recipes, tips on the best places to run and race, and the inside story on the elite running scene.

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channel your inner olympian

When you receive this issue, our Olympic athletes will be preparing to travel to Tokyo for the biggest event of their lives. We look forward to bringing you the results and stories from these much-anticipated Games on our website, Track and road events run from July 29 to Aug. 7. In this issue, Madeleine Kelly offers readers a glimpse into the relationship between Gabriela DeBues-Stafford and her sister, Lucia Stafford, both of whom, if all goes well, will grace our screens and feeds from Tokyo this summer. And Paul Gains spoke to a number of Canadian Olympic medallists for insights into the things athletes sign up for (though possibly unknowingly) in their quest to reach the podium. Our Olympic-themed coverage continues with runner-friendly Japanese recipes you’ll want to try at…

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volume 14, issue 5

Editor Anne Francis Senior Editors Alex Hutchinson, Kevin Mackinnon Contributing Editor Christopher Kelsall Staff Writers Brittany Hambleton, Madeleine Kelly, Ben Snider-McGrath, Dan Way Photo Editor Matt Stetson Copy Editor Amy Stupavsky Art Director Warren Wheeler (Roseander Main) Production Artist Warren Hardy Web Development Sean Rasmussen Digital Operations Dmitry Beniaminov Publisher Sam Cohen Editorial Director David Smart Advertising & Sales Andre Cheuk Account Managers Joel Vosburg Lorena Jones Circulation Manager Robyn Milburn Social Media Nikita van Dijk SUBSCRIBE Send $22.95 (1 year) or $39.95 (2 years) to Canadian Running magazine PO Box 819 Station Main, Markham, ON, Canada L3P 8L3 or call: 1.800.567.0444 SUBMIT Manuscripts, photographs and other correspondence are welcome. Please contact Canadian Running magazine for contributors’ guidelines, or see them on the web at Unsolicited material should be accompanied by return mailing address and postage. Canadian Running Magazine Tel. 416.927.0774 Fax. 416.927.1491 Gripped Publishing Inc. 75 Harbord St. Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 1G4 Copyright 2021 Gripped Publishing Inc. The contents of this magazine may not be reproduced in…

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what’s new

2 Runners & Co. RUNNER’S PROTEIN ALL IN ONE Seriously Vanilla 690 g $39.95, free shipping This new post-run recovery product by an Ontario-based startup contains an ideal mix of carbs (to replenish glycogen stores), protein (to promote muscle repair) and electrolytes (to replace those lost through sweat) — and, bottom line, it tastes great. 2 Runners & Co. founder Sandy Sahota and managing partner Keith Peppy are both longtime, experienced runners driven by their passion for the sport, and for products geared specifically to runners’ needs, as distinct from those of other types of athletes. Look for more innovative products from this team in the months and years to come. Each scoop contains 20 g of complete, plant-based protein per serving (derived from fava bean, pea and organic rice) and an equal amount of carbohydrate,…

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the warmup

Des Linden sets sub-3-hour 50K world best in Oregon With race opportunities limited by the pandemic, 2018 Boston Marathon winner Des Linden has embraced some new and different challenges in recent months, including tackling the 50k. In her first ultra, on a closed course in rural Oregon, Linden not only smashed the previous record of 3:07:20 set by the U.K.’s Aly Dixon in 2019, but she became the first woman to break the three-hour barrier (which, she revealed later, was always her goal). This equates to a 3:36-per-kilometre pace, for 7.8 km beyond the marathon distance. (It’s not an official world record, since the 50k distance is not recognized by World Athletics for that purpose.) Linden finished fourth at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Championships in early 2020 and is the first alternate…

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Asics Metaspeed Sky $325 Men’s: 199 g (7.0 oz.) Women’s: 165 g (5.9 oz.) Stack height: 33/28 mm (men’s), 31/26 mm (women’s) Drop: 5 mm Category: Neutral cushioning Asics Metaspeed Edge $325 Men’s: 188 g (6.7 oz.) Women’s: 160 g (5.6 oz.) Stack height: 29/21 mm (men’s), 28/20 mm (women’s) Drop: 8 mm Category: Neutral cushioning Metaspeed Sky and Edge are Asics’ new carbon-plated road racers, and with a midsole foam called Flytefoam Blast Turbo, you know they mean business. The shoes look similar to the naked eye: both have thick and highly responsive midsole cushioning, a carbon plate and a rockered sole, but they’re designed for different types of runners, with different specs to optimize two distinct running styles. The Sky is for “stride” runners, who speed up by taking longer strides, as opposed to “cadence” runners, who increase their turnover as well…

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run chat

Inspiration I always have a copy of Canadian Running in my backpack, so I can read it in my free time. There are lots of stories in your magazine that interest me. I have been running since summer 2015, after surviving a massive heart attack. I got a second chance to live, and I said to myself that I need to do something to get my cardiovascular disease under control. One day I came across your magazine, which inspired me, and I said I should try to run. Since then I have started training gradually, and now I am doing 1,000 km per year. My ultimate goal is to complete a half-marathon and perhaps a marathon. Thank you so much for this beautiful magazine. Shahid Ahmed Aurora, Ont. “Running and Iron” (March & April 2021) I’m a…