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Canadian Running March/April 2018

Dedicated to getting runners the tools they need to succeed, Canadian Running gives professional advice and inspiration on everything you need to be faster, fitter and healthier. The magazine provides the latest on training, gear reviews, nutrition information and recipes, tips on the best places to run and race, and the inside story on the elite running scene.

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10 questions with gary robbins

1 What would you say are your defining characteristics as a runner? An unwavering dedication to a goal, high pain tolerance, mental strength and resilience, ability to rally from deep lows in an expeditious manner, and a really good appetite. 2 What do you admire most in another runner? The ability to overcome setbacks. 3 What is your idea of happiness? Happiness isn’t something that’s achieved; it isn’t an end goal, like, “Hey, look at me, I found happiness.” Happiness is a constant battle, day in and day out, to live an honest life and make decisions and sacrifices that lead to a state of being content and feeling happy more often than not. I’m a happy person because I’ve fought hard my entire life to walk away from the things that don’t allow me…

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it’s like winning the lottery

Back in 2012, against our better judgement, I joined a car-full of runners and headed for New York to run the biggest marathon in the world. Of course, just days before, the region had been slammed by Hurricane Sandy. Much of lower Manhattan was underwater, and Staten Island, where the race’s 51,000 runners begin, was wrecked. But the race organizers, standing along side then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg, proclaimed that the marathon would still take place. We drove nine hours, and immediately headed to the giant race expo to pick up our bibs. Somewhere in a box in my basement, there’s an old iPhone 5 with a picture on it of me holding up my bib just before I went to get the race shirt down the hall at the Javits Centre. I…

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More Than Just a Beer Miler p.60 The Red Island’s Grand Old Club p.74 ALEXANDRE CYR first began writing to vent at the Internet community about his running injuries. Once he got healthy, he kept writing (and sometimes venting). A master’s student in sport psychology at the University of Windsor and a St. Francis Xavier University alum, he currently competes in U Sports with the Lancers. His ideal run involves any pace between four and five minutes per kilometre, a few hills and good company. Eating your Way to a Personal Best p.26 Raised on a small rural farm in P.E.I., JENNIE ORR developed a love for food and agriculture at a young age. Jennie is also an avid runner, picking up running later in life after she could no longer figure skate. She…

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the warm-up

Black Market Nikes There’s high-demand for a pair of racing f lats going for well above the us$1,500 mark. Nike’s Breaking2 shoe, the Nike Zoom VaporFly Elite, is not available for sale publicly and has been released only in limited quantities at special events for a hefty price. (Breaking2 is the term coined for the sub-twohour marathon attempt which occurred in May 2017.) Searching for the Vaporfly Elite on eBay brings up several buyers asking for more than us$1,000, including one at us$2,340. According to StockX, a live bid-ask marketplace, the Elite is selling for an average of us$1,125, making it one of the most expensive shoes ever made. A variation of the Zoom Vaporf ly Elite, the Zoom Vaporf ly 4%, is available to the public at a price of $330 although the…

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Beating the dreadmill with Netflix Looking for Netflix recommendations for treadmill binge-watching sessions? Find them here: tv-shows-to-binge-watch-on-the-treadmill See all your runs condensed into a single picture Staff writer Tim Huebsch created a visualization of all his runs in 2017. You can do the same by reading our story on this awesome tool here: year-of-runs-strava-outline Across 4. 355 ml of beer consumed at the start line (4, 4)6. Fast enough race to get you to Beantown (6, 9)8. World’s largest marathon (3, 4)11. Complete all five (5, 8, 6)14. Chilean mountain region (9)15. Yanks call it a PR (8, 4)16. Must run every day (3, 6)17. To give back (9)19. There’s no “i” in this either (5) Down 1. Good luck here in April,Gary (7) 2. Once a river in Arizona (5, 6)3. Wonder of the world (with a…

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the pre-race de-jittering list

Rachel Hannah 2015 Pan Am Games silver medallist Before the race, I’ll think of key words I’d say when things get tough, such as: relax, breath, focus, form, knee drive. I did this at Boston, and it worked. NEWBIE ADVICE: Simulate your race experience before the main event, starting with what you will be eating that morning, and practice fuelling at the exact same intervals in your long run. Thomas Toth Represented Canada at the 2017 World Championships I have a pair of socks I prefer and I usually throw one of my wife’s hair elastics on my left wrist. NEWBIE ADVICE: Keep it simple and don’t stress yourself out. Remember: rituals help calm and relax athletes, but don’t play any actual role in the outcome of the race. Lanni Marchant Canadian marathon record holder I have a special song…