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Canadian Running Janary/February 2020

Dedicated to getting runners the tools they need to succeed, Canadian Running gives professional advice and inspiration on everything you need to be faster, fitter and healthier. The magazine provides the latest on training, gear reviews, nutrition information and recipes, tips on the best places to run and race, and the inside story on the elite running scene.

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winter: the spinach of running seasons

Winter: The Spinach of Running Seasons It’s 8 a.m. on a Sunday in the dead of winter. Your friends and family, naturally, lie nestled in their beds. In an hour or two they’ll wake, pour some coffee or freshly-squeezed orange juice and settle into the living room. Maybe even ponder a nice brunch with friends. Then, there’s you, 10K into your long run, somehow both frozen and boiling, muttering a steady stream of f-bombs at an icy 30km/h headwind through a balaclava clearly designed for suffocation. You run/stumble along a thin strip of black asphalt in the middle of a residential street, the only surface not entirely covered in snow or ice, or an expletive-inducing combination of both. Then, as a passing SUV (probably filled with happy passengers on their way to a…

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volume 13, issue 1

Managing Editor Dave Carpenter Senior Editors Alex Hutchinson, Kevin Mackinnon Contributing Editor Christopher Kelsall Staff Writers Caela Fenton, Anne Francis, Madeleine Kelly, Dan Way Photo Editor Matt Stetson Copy Editor Amy Stupavsky Art Director Warren Wheeler (Roseander Main) Designer Cristina Bolzon (Roseander Main) Production Artist Warren Hardy Web Development Sean Rasmussen Digital Operations Dmitry Beniaminov Publisher Sam Cohen Editorial Director David Smart Advertising & Sales Andre Cheuk Account Managers Joel Vosburg joel@gripped.comDan WalkerLorena Jones Circulation Manager Robyn Milburn SUBSCRIBE Send $22.95 (1 year) or $39.95 (2 years) toCanadian Running magazine, PO Box 819 Station Main,Markham, ON, Canada L3P 8L3 or call:1.800.567.0444 SUBMIT Manuscripts, photographs and other correspondence are welcome. Please contact Canadian Running magazine for contributors’ guidelines, or see them on the web at Unsolicited material should be accompanied by return mailing address and postage. Canadian Running MagazineTel. 416.927.0774, Fax. 416.927.1491,…

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what’s new

Sugoi ZAP COLLECTION Zap Training Jacket: $180SubZero Zap Tight: $140 Dedicated runners know that they need to make sacrifices to pursue their passion, including heading out the door for a run in the wee hours in order to stick to their training plan, or fit in a group run and catch up with friends. When running in dark or low-light conditions, visibility is a must to avoid getting injured, or worse, by an oncoming vehicle that simply can’t see you. Enter Sugoi’s Zap line of performance wear, designed to keep you clear as day in such conditions. The Zap Training Jacket and SubZero Zap Tight stand out as must-have apparel for running safely in the dark. Both products contain reflective beads integrated into the jacket and tight’s “pixel fabric” that, when shined upon, reflect artificial…

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the warm-up

Going Bananas The coverage of the 2019 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon featured incrediblet performances by newly-crowned Canadian champions Dayna Pidhoresky and Trevor Hofbauer, but those championship-winning races weren’t the only crazy results. For about the first 15K of the race, a man in a banana costume could be seen running with the elite Canadian women. That was Melvin Nyairo of the U.S., who eventually parted ways with the women marathoners and continued on to record a 1:15:35 in the half-marathon. The time earned Nyairo the world record for the fastest half-marathon while dressed as a fruit. His finishing time was only a little over two minutes slower than his PB at the half, and it was good enough for 35th overall out of almost 10,000 runners. Nyairo was even sponsored, with…

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10+ ways running helps beat the winter blahs

705–865 the number of calories you’ll burn on a 1-hour run… about 3 slices of pizza 1:59:40 Re-watch Eliud Kipchoge’s historic sub-2-hour over 42.2K at the Ineos 1:59 Challenge. GREAT TIMING January 10 is roughly 16 weeks out from marathon-race season — get training! MORE SUNLIGHT = LESS S.A.D. Running outside in winter means much-needed exposure to sunlight. RUN WITH BUDDIES Studies show social activities boost your chances of living to 75 and beyond. ’TIS THE SEASON…TO CROSS-TRAIN Get outdoors and try skiing or snowshoeing—very effective cross-training activities. ACTUALLY FULFILL YOUR NEW YEAR’S HEALTH RESOLUTIONS BE THE ENVY of your couch-bound friends.—CR Sources: Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Canadian Running January & February 2019 ‘What Winter Blahs’, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Harvard Health Blog, Harvard Women’s Health Watch, Realbuzz…

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way running: a back-to-basics approach

Dmitry Rusakov has a dream to build a modern and responsible running brand. He hopes to do so via Way Running, a project that started three years ago in Montreal. “At the time, the running shoe industry really seemed to be stuck in an endless cycle of marginal product updates,” Rusakov says. “While there were some cool innovations in manufacturing, things were very stagnant with design.” Although the running shoes he owned at the time were comfortable, he always felt ashamed to wear them to a restaurant or a meeting. He simply could not find a shoe that was versatile and clean. “We felt there was an opportunity there just from a design standpoint,” Rusakov says. “Once we started doing more research we realized that sustainability was, at that time, not part of…