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Dedicated to getting runners the tools they need to succeed, Canadian Running gives professional advice and inspiration on everything you need to be faster, fitter and healthier. The magazine provides the latest on training, gear reviews, nutrition information and recipes, tips on the best places to run and race, and the inside story on the elite running scene.

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roll with it

My wife signed me up for the Quebec Mega Trail race this summer. Held near Quebec City, the QMT is one of the most challenging ultras in eastern Canada (if “Mega” in the race name wasn’t enough of a clue) and runners traverse two mountains, the Massif de Charlevoix and Mont-Sainte-Anne, with significant vertical gain. My wife, an avid trail runner, bestowed this gift to me over Christmas. While in the throes of a bacon-and-chocolate breakfast coma that morning, the QMT seem like a grand adventure, high in the Laurentians in semi-exotic Quebec. Yet as the race draws nearer, I’m more trepidatious and with good reason. Last summer, I ran the 25K distance at the Finger Lakes 50 Trail Race in New York State (a distance the race organizers deemed so short…

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volume 13, issue 3

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what’s new

Run Angel PERSONAL SAFETY WEARABLE $132 With Run Angel, a small device that you can wear on your wrist, you will be able to go for runs with the peace of mind that, in the event that you find yourself in danger, you’ll be able to signal for help at the push of a button. Run Angel not only emits a high-pitched alarm when activated, but it also connects to smartphones via Bluetooth to send SMS and email messages to alert your loved ones and let them know where you are. Just download the Run Angel app, input family and friends into your “guardian network,” and whenever your alarm sounds, they will be alerted immediately. Another important feature is that it is rechargeable, ensuring that its alarm will always sound at full force whenever you…

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10 questions with… jenny quilty

Last August, Fraser Valley, B.C.’s Jenny Quilty smashed the Squamish 50/50 course record. In this, her second attempt at the race, she not only beat the record by 40 minutes but also snagged three podium finishes during the weekend. In addition to her racing accomplishments, Quilty is also an important figure in the local trail-running community; she leads run clinics via Pacific Pine Running Co., which she co-founded, and is race director for the Fraser Valley Trail Races. 1 What do you think was the key to winning last year’s Squamish 50/50? Having excitement about my goal and believing in myself. I think also creating the bank of memories to pull from for laughs or reassurance through my training. I thought back to the challenging workouts, ridiculous adventures and some of the times…

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the warmup

Sasquatch and Other Trail Monsters If you spend enough time gallivanting about in the forests and hills, your apex-predator status in the food chain may be challenged. It might be a bug, or a cougar that threatens your safety, or even a Sasquatch. Luckily for our brave readers, running is the best and only strategy against the average Sasquatch encounter. But what about real-world threats of the non-Sasquatch variety, such as wasps? These little menaces can strike at any time, and in the drier summer months they become especially treacherous. They can be incredibly quick over short distances, upwards of 25 to 40 km/h. Fortunately, they do lose steam after a short chase. So practise your hill repeats and pick-ups, and consider carrying an Epipen. Owls are another alpha predator that have been…

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there is peace in the don valley

If you’re looking for Lawrence Warriner, there’s a good chance you’ll find him on a trail in Toronto’s Don Valley. He’ll either be running on it, which helps manage his tinnitus, or cleaning it. Trail running has always been Warriner’s favourite type of running, and he’s no slouch at it: he’s a national class masters runner, came in first at the 2014 Brooklyn Marathon in New York, was the overall winner of the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series Ontario, the Peterborough Half Marathon and the D&H Rail Trails Half Marathon, and he’s run the Boston Marathon 17 times. Warriner is also the founder and head coach of the running group Toronto TRUE (Trail Running-Urban Experience) Running and co-founder of Don’t Mess With the Don ( The idea for the latter group, which aims…