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“Our favorite coloring book company.” – The Skimm. From master illustrator Samantha Johnson comes a new adult coloring book of epic proportions: Quest! Part of the Master Collection by Blue Star, the publisher behind multiple national bestselling adult coloring books. Contains 40 enchanting, full-page spreads featuring fauns, fairies, and a quest of grace and daring.Each image is hand-drawn and exquisitely detailed. Designs range in complexity from beginner to expert-level. Provides hours and hours of fun, creative coloring expression. Join millions of adults all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring! *Please note: This is a digital replica of the print magazine and does not include a coloring tool. You will need to print out the magazine before coloring. Printing is available for PC/Mac, but is not currently supported for iOS, Android and Windows apps. *

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Blue Star Press
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master collection quest

WE LOVE WHAT YOU CREATE AND WE WANT TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS @bluestarcoloring #bluestarcoloring SHOWUSYOUR ART WE’LLSHOWTHE WORLD The Master Collection is an elite series of adult coloring book titles created for Blue Star by fine artists and high-profile illustrators across the globe. Each title is painstakingly illustrated, curated, designed and edited to meet uncompromising aesthetic standards. We believe that the Master Collection is the finest series of premium adult coloring books in the world — and we hope you’ll agree. Please send questions, comments and any other correspondence to contact@bluestarcoloring.com.…

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tips from the artist

“When using watercolors, washes are lovely but if you can control the water and use a minimal amount, not only will you reduce bubbling but you can achieve far more vivid colors. I often use a brush that is barely damp, especially with tiny details. Never be afraid to experiment on scrap paper! I always have a piece of scrap paper to test my colors on before I put the paint on the final paper. This is also important when choosing a color palette. Find the medium that speaks to you. I use watercolors because I've always gotten along with them. Acrylics, on the other hand, are not my friends and I've never figured out how to do anything with pastels by themselves. Art supplies are very personal. One size does not…

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about the artist

Samantha Johnson is a full-time illustrator and graphic designer currently residing in rural Northern Pennsylvania. Since 2011 she has garnered contracted sketch and trading card work from companies such as 5FINITY Productions, Perna Studios, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Braiiinz! Publishing, Breygent Marketing and many more. Through these companies she has enjoyed drawing for licenses like DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, King Kong, and Ghostbusters. She is also fluent in snark and can bake a mean Dutch apple pie. CONNECT WITH SAMANTHA The Realm of sAm srj_art srj_art srj-art.tumblr.com etsy.com/shop/TheRealmofsAm Just a reminder: Samantha is an independent artist, meaning that her opinions and artistic expressions are hers, and not necessarily Blue Star’s.…