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Radio Ink Magazine August 20, 2018

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a matter of trust

There is always a lot of discussion regarding the importance of attracting audiences, especially millennials, to the radio table. And it needs to be a big table, one large enough to include not only younger listeners, but those on the buy side of media who are also part of a younger generation. Most of the focus of these discussions revolves around platforms, ensuring that radio is on them and accessible wherever and whenever listeners tend to engage. That is of utmost importance. If radio isn’t “there” or easy to find, an engagement can’t exist, no matter how compelling the content. But content does indeed step to the forefront once that platform is accessed by the listener. Just as content is front and center with the tattooed media buyer sitting in front of…

2 min.
a radio soldier we all need to emulate

Time flies when you’re doing radio … but it’s still hard to believe that Nick Verbitsky and United Stations Radio Networks are celebrating 25 years. In reality, the company started by Nick and radio legend Dick Clark is on its second iteration. Once sold, and later closed, by its buyer, Verbitsky knew it was still a good thing and relaunched it. That alone says something about Nick Verbitsky. The company he built was robust, a major player and highly profitable, and a few years after it was sold, had been reduced to rubble. This shows a couple of important things. First, the radio network business isn’t an easy business. It takes deep experience, great programming, and tremendous relationships to succeed. Second, it takes a strong, knowledgeable operator like Verbitsky to make…

4 min.
how to sell against the digital weasels

Every few months, I remind my Wizard of Ads partners of something that took me way too long to learn. I say, “When a person believes in what they’re doing — even if it’s an imperfect plan — let them keep doing it. Give them advice and try to open their eyes, but don’t fight them too hard, because ‘A person convinced against their will remains unconvinced still.’ So be careful. If you finally convince a person to quit doing what they believe in, and to start doing what you would do if you owned their company, they’re probably going to fail.” People who have spent time with me may find this difficult to believe, but I’m a lot less combative than I used to be. Here is the non-combative technique I use: •…

4 min.
and when leave to get your up client meeting

Have you ever hosted a party and later had to deal with the last person to leave? I have. Not pleasant. You’re worn out and it’s time to get back to work and clean up, but that person is still there, taking up space and not helping. Unfortunately, the same thing occurs in business meetings. When it’s time to leave, it’s time to leave. In fact, the longer you stay, the better chance that something will go seriously wrong, for you. When to leave a meeting is a sense that some people have naturally. Others, not so much. A friend of mine forwarded a post that someone wrote about a big buy that went south, even after the client had initially said yes. The problem was that one of the salespeople…

4 min.
are you helping or hurting radio?

As broadcasters, we need to ask ourselves that question. It continues to amaze me when I discover sales managers and account executives monitoring other radio stations and approaching clients with a focus on stealing their business, versus supporting the clients’ decision to advertise on radio and then providing a valid business reason to add their own station. I recently had a customer share correspondence from a competing radio station. From our conversation, it was clear the competitor’s intention was to find a way to get the client off my station and on to one of theirs. The focus was on all the reasons my station did not make sense to advertise on, how their station could offer more commercials for less money, and how they could offer another station in their cluster…

2 min.
10 take aways from podcast movement 2018

Podcast Movement 2018 recently concluded in Philadelphia, and I wanted to share some of the incredible energy with you if you weren’t able to make the journey. When I think of how the radio business is seeking to participate in this booming phenomenon, and I consider our own Beasley initiative that we’re building, I can best describe it as scary, daunting, and exciting. By the way, those same words describe how it felt being an on-air talent in wonderful New York City, which was the ultimate adrenaline rush. So it truly is a remarkable time in our business. The audio business has never been so robust, and we all need to embrace the opportunities. Here are 10 takeaways from Podcast Movement 2018: 1. The appreciation of storytelling has never been more important. We…