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Radio Ink Magazine January 14, 2019

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4 min.
forecast forward

One of the most impressive things about Forecast 2019 this past November was the energy permeating the room. Stoked by some terrific conversations, both on and off stage, there was definitely a sense of optimism and enthusiasm in the air. You could feel it. And it wasn’t a matter of challenges and problems being ignored or suddenly vanquished by myopic desire. As one attendee shared with me, “I’m not discounting that we have issues across the industry that have to be addressed. What’s different this time is that I think we are finally willing to face up to them and honestly work to make the changes necessary.” Sounds like a good message to start off the new year as well. No crystal-ball gazing or attempts at resolutions that won’t stick. More…

2 min.
radio executive of the year

Years ago, I was asked if I’d be interested in heading up one of our industry trade organizations. I paused for all of 10 seconds to ponder the question, then said no. The reality is that it takes a special kind of person to run an organization like the NAB or RAB, or even a state association. Few people can walk a tightrope, jump through hoops, make unhappy people happy, and make real progress, all at the same time. I remember sitting in an RAB board meeting years ago when an open forum was taking place. I think it was at that moment I realized I’d never want that job. Most of us are used to a board of directors to keep us on track and help us accomplish our mission. But…

4 min.
how to make big things happen fast

You hear it every day. “We need more traffic, that’s what we need — more sales opportunities.” I spent the early part of my radio career stepping up to that plate and knocking that fastball out of the park. If your back was against the wall, I was the man to call. I was like Coca-Cola, baby, I was everywhere. It was the early 1980s. My employer required me to wear a tie, so I hung one around my neck like a scarf. And to underscore my scruffy renegade look, I refused to tie my shoes. Everywhere I went, people would tell me, “Your shoes are untied,” and I would reply with a smile, “Yeah, I know.” I looked like a young drug dealer, and in a way, I was. I sold instant-gratification advertising. “You…

3 min.
dear gm: a few things your pd would like to tell you

Dear General Manager, There are a few things that have been on my mind. Please allow me to tell you about them. PDs need positive reinforcement too. Since most GMs come from sales, they sometimes treat the PD differently. If you haven’t figured this out yet, us PDs can be a weird combination of sensitive, paranoid, and “artsy.” Yes, at times, we are not easy to manage, but that’s why you’re there. Tell me when you hear something you like or something that got your attention. Positive or negative, I need to know you’re listening and paying attention. Please know this: I understand that we are a business and I get how we drive revenue. At the same time, please realize that the number one complaint I get from listeners is not about…

4 min.
so what’s the best schedule for a local client?

“What is the best schedule to recommend to a local direct client? I heard it was about 35 commercials a month or so, or OES.” That’s the question I was recently asked. Here are my thoughts on that subject. Back in the early ’80s, the ratings industry introduced us to a revolutionary idea called “OES,” or “Optimum Effective Schedule.” The recommended schedule was based on the old “frequency of three” theory, which assumes that a listener or viewer has to be exposed to a commercial at least three times before they can process that information. Why three times? Because a psychologist named Herbert Krugman, who was working for GE back in the 1960s, was trying to explain how people responded differently to TV ads than they did to print. But his research…

3 min.
will you survive or thrive this year?

The holidays are over, and the new year has arrived. This can be a very stressful time for many of us. For those who are building on the prior year of success, congratulations! For those who fell short of expectations last year, I hope this article helps you build a successful 2019! In either case, it is time to assess where you are and determine the level of energy needed to get back on track. It is more important than ever to shift your focus to having an energized life. You can assess where you are today and determine your wellbeing with one question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much energy do you have to accomplish everything you need to do (1 being none at all, 10 being…