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Radio Ink Magazine February 4, 2019

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respecting roots & reasonable doubts

For over 125 years, General Electric stood as one of the most iconic and revered business names in this country and around the globe. A huge and, as the years progressed, highly diversified company that touched virtually every aspect of life, the Nobel Prize-winning GE brought “good things to life,” from consumer products and industrial machinery to entertainment and financial services. In the process, it inspired awe in the business community, rewarded investors, and drew widespread accolades for what was perceived as an exemplary management style. Or at least that’s what many thought. In the end, the truth turned out to have been a tad different. Although it was renowned for its ability to innovate, some opine that GE became too comfortable with its success, encouraging managers to shut out negative news…

4 min.
the amazon factor: does amazon destroy everything radio cares about?

Have you ever stopped to think about Amazon’s impact on the radio business? Let’s start with retail. How many big box spaces are empty in your town? I met with a commercial real estate mogul recently who indicated that he is selling off commercial properties as fast as possible because Amazon is putting many of his customers out of business. We’ve watched some big national retailers implode recently, and most of the bankruptcies are attributed to online shopping. We might visit a store, find a product we like, and buy it online while standing there. I’ve done it dozens of times, and there are hundreds more times when I haven’t even made the trip. It appears that there will be one predominant big box store remaining in each product category in…

4 min.
how, then, should we advertise?

The average person is afraid of criticism. But the person who has no fear of criticism is more likely to succeed. This lack of fear is what keeps them from being average. The average business owner is afraid their ads will be criticized. Do you want to kill a great radio ad? Just let your client show it to the people they trust. In the words of my partner Mick Torbay: “You need to understand something: the committee is not evil. The committee doesn’t want you to fail. The committee has nothing but good intentions. But the committee can’t innovate. More than anything, the committee wants to look good to the rest of the committee. The committee is afraid of looking stupid ... The committee can only spot problems, downsides, possible pitfalls ... So don’t be…

6 min.
radio helps make this dentist smile

What do an electrician and a dentist have in common? Meet Carl Graves, DDS, owner of Sand Dollar Dental in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He was a successful electrician in St. Louis and is now a successful dentist with a growing practice in the Florida Panhandle. Graves started dental school at 40, graduated, and moved his family south. He bought a failing dental center, renovated the 1963 building (mostly on his own) and, with the help of radio advertising, more than doubled the business within a year. Radio Ink: What sets Sand Dollar Dental apart from other dental practices? Graves: It’s a family business. I own it, my wife helps me with the front desk as office manager, and my two sons help with maintenance. I have a receptionist, two assistants, and one…

4 min.
stop hating agencies and be more like them instead

Just for kicks, let’s take off our broadcast shoes and try on the shoes of an advertising agency executive. I have always believed we could learn a lot from the agencies about selling and then keeping accounts long-term. How do they do that? Here’s how. Agencies pitch long-term solutions. They aren’t like us, pitching cheap little packages a month at a time. They sell their clients on longer-term media strategies. We should be doing that, too. That’s why I tell clients I’m there to help them develop and implement a five-year marketing and advertising plan, and that we’ll break that plan down into annual increments so we can measure progress. I’ve noticed that when I say that to local decisionmakers, they tend to nod, because seldom do they have their own long-term…

4 min.
advertising law: do’s, dont’s, cant’s & wont’s

First, in the interest of full transparency and disclosure — I am a non-attorney spokesperson, but everything in this article, I have on good authority. Second, the world would be a much simpler place if they just affixed a microchip to our pinky fingernail that contained everything we were allowed to do. Just think; we could eliminate a library full of law books! And now for something far more interesting, as I fall off my soapbox… So your morning man does a great Donald Trump impression. Why can’t you use him for your car dealer spots? He’s even better than Alec Baldwin. Because, while satire is protected speech and public figures are subject to fair comment in the news, these principles of law do not apply to the use of someone’s…