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Radio Ink Magazine February 25, 2019

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4 min.
change partners and dance

I do not know, nor would I pretend to fully comprehend, the ruts in the road or the challenges others have faced over a lifetime. I can only draw on my personal experiences, and from there, try to project into the stories of others. And so, I don’t know what it’s like to be a minority as defined by society today. “WE ALL BUY TOOTHPASTE.” But I do know what it’s like to be in the minority. I know what it’s like to be taunted by grade school classmates over a religion unfamiliar to them. I have felt the sting that comes with being left out because my heritage didn’t find favor with some parents. And as an adult woman in an era before women increased their seats at the executive table, I…

4 min.
the evolution of sales

Being the father of 17-year-old triplets has its challenges, the biggest of which is communication. I come from a phone generation, and they come from a text generation. Though I’ve adapted to their world, they have not adapted to mine. At moments when we’re awaiting responses from a friend about going to the movies or some other activity, they don’t want to pick up the phone to get an answer. Using the phone is, well, uncool. Everything in their world is text, Snapchat, Instagram (but not e-mail or Facebook). Sadly, this goes beyond my kids. It’s impacting the culture of sales as well. When following up with a salesperson in one of my companies about the progress toward selling a major account, I asked a specific question, only to learn the…

6 min.
online marketing vs. radio

When someone says, “Figures don’t lie,” know this: Figures lie, and liars figure. Never trust a weasel with a calculator. Do you remember the mortgage meltdown of 2008 and The Big Short, the movie that was made about it? There is a scene in that movie where investors Mark Baum and Vinnie Daniel go to visit Georgia Hale, an employee of the ratings agency Standard and Poor’s: Georgia Hale: So, all righty, FrontPoint Partners, how can Standard and Poor’s help you? Vinnie Daniel: Well, we don’t understand why the ratings agencies haven’t downgraded subprime bonds, since the underlying loans are clearly deteriorating. Georgia Hale: Well, the delinquency rates do have people worried, but they’re actually within our models. Vinnie Daniel: Says you. Mark Baum: So you’re convinced the underlying mortgages in these bonds are solid loans? Georgia Hale:…

3 min.
the great debate: 10s, 15s, 30s, or 60s?

What is the best length for ads? The correct answer is: whatever it takes to make it a great ad! The only wrong answer to this question would have been if you had suggested just one option. We need to first understand, believe, and realize that no one listens to your radio station for the ads. When I am interviewing a prospect or a client, I always make this statement (along with a question): “People do not watch TV or listen to our stations to hear the ads. There is only one time a year when we intentionally listen to or watch ads and actually enjoy doing it. Do you know when that is?” About half of the people get it. The answer is the Super Bowl! I make this point for…

4 min.
want success? don’t talk about the numbers

Lisa Layne, GSM for Delmarva Broadcasting’s Country WXCY in Havre De Grace, Maryland, thinks there is a time and a place to talk about sales numbers. Layne works with a core staff of five salespeople who have been with the company for at least seven years, and the 25-year radio veteran tells Radio Ink that she talks numbers with her talented staff, but not in the usual way. Radio Ink: What is your idea of the best sales meeting ever? Layne: The ones when we don’t talk about the numbers. I’m sure many have been in the meetings where the sales manager comes in and says the numbers suck and if they don’t improve, you’re going to be fired. We are going to talk about the numbers during one-on-ones anyway, so to…

4 min.
7 dead words you can (but should not) say on radio

I dedicate this article with full admiration, homage, and credit to the late great George Carlin, who gave us the seven words we can’t say on television (and radio). Yes, we’re talking about commercial copy here, not your on-air hosts’ daily banter and rants. So let’s get started. What are those nasty words? Don’t worry, you won’t need parental permission to say them. Delicious. Yes, I really did say the “D” word. Have you ever heard of a restaurant that doesn’t think the food tastes good? Of course not. But like all cliches, this one has got to go. Come on, you can think of a better word than that. Remember: our job in radio involves making the listener see, hear, touch, feel, and taste whatever we are describing. Yes, you…