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Radio Ink Magazine March 11, 2019

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what’s in a name?

One of the challenges we hear a lot about today — and have heard about for several decades — is getting the next generation interested in and inspired to make radio their career. And again, while nothing new, making radio “sexy” to Gens X and Z is definitely far more difficult than in years gone by. There are so many more options available to those looking to a career in media than even 10 years ago. We’ve probably all seen the video clip that went viral last year about the young millennial being interviewed by a company official. The interviewer’s questions to the young lady are the basis for a somewhat exaggerated and amusing exchange between the two. That they are “not on the same page” in semantics or core values is…

2 min.
a 10-year prediction that came true

About 11 years ago, I was watching the news, and the estimated 1 million people in the streets of L.A. who were protesting U.S. immigration policy at the encouragement of air personality Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo and others. Soon after, I wrote an editorial about how immigration would become the biggest issue of our times, and that it would live on for decades to come. I suggested at the time that the radio industry needed to place itself in the middle of the issue to encourage dialogue. I also suggested that advertisers would begin to realize the weight and the importance of the Hispanic market. Following that editorial, I felt like perhaps I should do more, so I picked up the phone, called Radio Ink’s Deborah Parenti, and suggested that we pioneer the…

4 min.
open from an angle to win attention

“It was dark inside the wolf,” is how Margaret Atwood believes the story might have opened. Emily Dickinson would agree. “Tell all the truth, but tell it slant,” was her advice to those of us who want our voices to be heard. If you want your ad to win attention, “Tell all the truth, but tell it slant.” Approach your subject from an interesting angle. The head-on approach is for journalists without wit: “Elderly Woman Eaten by Wolf but Survives.” You are not a journalist without wit. You are a brilliant writer of radio ads. Have you ever been captivated by a photograph or a story? Let me give you the reasons: 1. It represents an idea bigger than itself. 2. Part of you feels like you are there. 3. Your imagination is called upon to…

3 min.
why buy local broadcast advertising? talking points

Advertisers have more media choices than ever before. Here are some great reasons to buy broadcast. Include some or all of these in your presentations. Why buy local broadcast advertising? Here’s why. Catch your fair share of fish. Logically and statistically (provided you don’t have marketing problems), a percentage of the consumers loyal to our station(s) will buy from you or your competitor sometime this week. Don’t ignore our potential customers. They deserve to hear from you before they make a buying decision. Educated consumers buy more than uneducated people. Use our stations to influence their purchasing decisions. Reach out regularly and give our audience your best sales pitch. Branding. Advertising with us is like putting money in the bank. For those not ready to buy from you today, you’re starting the…

3 min.
does radio still provide advertisers with roi?

This year will mark 32 years in the radio industry for me. What I’ve realized is that today is no different than when I started. I still to this day am asked the following question: “Does radio provide a return on investment?” Many advertisers have shifted budgets out of radio and selected other options to spend their advertising dollars. How could we allow this to happen to an industry that reaches over 92 percent of Adults 18+? Radio targets a consumer emotionally and is proven to drive our clients’ search results. The real question, is do you believe radio can deliver a return on investment? Let’s take a deeper look at the definition. “Return on investment is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the…

4 min.
asking common questions will get you common answers

When philosopher and motivational speaker Jim Rohn said, “Walk away from the 97 percent,” he was referring to the majority that isn’t willing to put in the extra effort to be extraordinarily successful. He added, “Don’t talk like they talk, don’t act like they act, don’t go where they go, don’t specialize in what they do. Be like the exceptional 3 percent that do the things they need to do to stand out in the crowd and be successful.” As media reps, if you want to be perceived as better than your competitors, you need to sound, act, and look different from your competitors! “Don’t talk like they talk!” Let’s start with the CNA, “customer needs analysis.” I can almost guarantee you that every business owner or manager that has been in…