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Radio Ink Magazine April 1, 2019

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the 2019 radio ink hispanic radio conference

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playing the percentages

Renowned management and leadership expert John Maxwell (named number one in the world by Inc. Magazine in May 2014) recently wrote a blog citing what he called the “25-50-25 Principle of Change.” It’s a premise he became familiar with while attending a leadership roundtable earlier this year. And it boils down to this. When leaders strive to drive vision and change within their organization, they should expect to face three sets of attitudes. Twenty-five percent will be on board from the start. Fifty percent will be noncommittal. And then there’s the other 25 percent. Those are the ones who will resist and put up roadblocks. They will seek holes in every argument, find fault with every aspect, and essentially do their best to program whatever is being proposed to fail. One of…

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playing catch-up

About six years ago, as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Radio Ink, I awoke in a panic. Twenty years had passed, and most of the big dreams I had 20 years before had not yet been fulfilled. Though I had accomplished a lot, I had many things I thought I would have done by then. Panic is a good thing — because it made me realize that I had become comfortable. I was comfortable with the living I was making and comfortable with my role and my job. Yet there was something missing. Comfort was nice, but I realized it had been getting in the way of my success. That slap in the face was just what I needed. But how could I fix it? Knowing that I’d lost two decades,…

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nashville niche auto dealer nets nice results with radio

When you walk into a Global Motorsports showroom, General Manager Larry Thorne wants it to be a good, memorable experience. From the “boutique hotel” lobby feel to the attentive staff who will host a customer through the full purchase, Thorne strives to convey that experience in his radio campaigns. He tells Radio Ink that he has found his “niche” with the Cromwell Radio Group Nashville cluster of stations — especially with Sports Talk and Sports radio. “I’d say give it a try, with a consistent and persistent effort to let radio do what it is capable of doing. Give it a sufficient time window to actually give your voice time to be heard.” Radio Ink: Global Motorsports is not your typical car dealership. How are you different? Thorne: We specialize in late model,…

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what your client needs right now

Tinkerbell’s light gradually dims as she begins to die. Her only hope of survival is an audience that believes in fairies and demonstrates that belief through enthusiastic applause. Tinkerbell has been growing stronger since 1904, when she first appeared in J.M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan. The Tinkerbell Effect describes things that exist only because enough of us believe they exist, and behave as though they do. Paper money has value only because enough of us believe it has value and behave as though it does. If we quit believing it has value, it becomes scrap paper. Laws have power because we believe they have power and behave as though they do. If we behaved as though laws had no power, we would live in a lawless society. Our economy is robust when we believe it…

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five strategies for dominating your competition

Let’s face it: in sales, it’s all about the numbers. You either exceed your budgets or fall short. You win the business, or your competition does. Some salespeople will rise to the occasion, and others will fall short due to lack of focus, effort, or preparation. The successful salespeople tend to focus on what it will take to win the business. They know the necessary steps they must take. There is a myth that lowering your rates and price will bring in the business. In some cases, the client will be focused only on price, but there is more to the sale than that. Shift your focus to providing results and real value to the advertiser. I started to think about what it takes for companies to dominate their competitors. The core…