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Radio Ink Magazine May 6, 2019

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3 min.
shortsighted or competitive: which one are we?

Glenn Bell, president of Stoner Broadcasting, once said, “I never regretted paying good people too much. I did, however, regret not paying enough and losing them.” Wise words. Words often applied when hiring at the executive level, and completely reasonable. Experience and leadership carry a price tag. There is ample justification for paying top dollar to top people who can deliver the goods, who provide inspired and visionary leadership, and whose promises can be taken to the bank. Move down the food chain, however, and the picture is not just slightly but vastly different. We’re not talking about actual dollars and cents here. Of course there’s going to be a big spread in that regard. Experience, rank, and tenure are, as they should be, rewarded. This is also not to imply that…

5 min.
20 things you should know

When I wrote my first column for Radio Ink, I had been writing ads for 20 years, and I wrote my first column for Radio Ink 20 years ago. Evidently, I’ve been writing ads for 40 years. Where has the time gone? Today I’m going to give you my best advice in the interest of helping you sell more airtime. A lot more. This is that advice: Know about more than just radio. Here are the 20 things I tell business owners who buy a day of my time. I want you to know these things, too. 1. If you want to be bigger, advertise as though you were bigger. Don’t calculate your ad budget based on the volume you did last year. Base it on the volume you hope to do this year. 2.…

3 min.
one thing that will transform your sales

How will you answer the question “What is the one thing that can transform your sales into exceeding budget?” In sales, our one true job description is to create more revenue than expected. I do understand that we have many layers of responsibilities, and it’s easy to lose focus. So, I ask, what is the one thing you can get focused on right now to help your revenue? The one thing that transformed my business was creating a system that included strategic steps and timelines to hold me accountable each day. I understand that in order to be successful overall, we must start with having a successful day! We can lose focus on what needs to get done by concentrating our efforts on items that have no impact on generating revenue.…

7 min.
radio: a perfect fit for this men’s fashion legend

Joseph Abboud has been designing and creating styles and trends in fashion for men for three decades. This renowned fashion designer has had a brick-and-mortar Madison Avenue business address for only about four years, but he is no stranger to the airwaves in the nation’s top radio market. Abboud, a frequent guest on Imus in the Morning, is now a regular on Imus successor Bernie and Sid in the Morning on Cumulus’s WABC/New York. Radio Ink: Tell us how you got involved with radio, and why. Abboud: I’m a commuter. I live in Westchester County — my commutes are now two hours. There is something about radio that I think is really engaging; you use your imagination and you relate to the talent. So it goes back to my early commuting days, listening…

20 min.
he shoots, he scores!

Gregg Giannotti grew up listening to WFAN in New York. When he would make the long ride from Long Island to Shea Stadium to see the New York Mets, he would listen to Mike & The Mad Dog. On the ride home, he’d listen to the Mets wrap-up show and more WFAN. He loved the station, as so many people do who live in that area of the country and follow sports. In the back of his mind Giannotti always thought about how cool it would be to work for such an iconic station. However, like most people, he understood that was likely impossible. So many people in the radio business, and so few seats available behind the WFAN microphone. So it was off to Ithaca College. But when Giannotti went upstate…

21 min.
how this ceo turned failure into a huge success

Kristin Cantrell has been in radio since taking a part-time job at a station during her college days. She moved quickly into sales and management in her 20s and was ready to buy stations at the age of 30. She was on the fast track to radio success. Perhaps a little too fast. Cantrell bombed during her first go-around as an owner. She’ll tell you herself that she was in over her head, undercapitalized, and found out quickly she didn’t know a lot about running radio stations. Not only was she young, it was 2000, and the worst terrorist event in our nation’s history was about to make everything worse. She needed to get out of ownership and regroup, and that’s what she did. Cantrell knew she wanted to be in radio;…