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Radio Ink Magazine May 27, 2019

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every. one. every. body.

As we recognize the contributions and milestones women are achieving across the industry today — and at the same time, remind ourselves that there are still miles to go, especially in the technical and programming fields — it is also a good time for sober reflection. The power to change is not solely under someone else’s control today. It’s ours. We’ve come a long way since the boss was always a “Mr.” and the administrative assistant (the real “get it done” and “go to” person) was typically female and the job title was “secretary.” Even where we have not quite yet lived up our best selves, we hear more about reaching for our better angels and have, at the very least, begun to delve more openly into important conversations about what…

4 min.
identity, purpose, and adventure

Radio is a miraculous tool for business growth when you know how to extract the right idea and craft the right ad. Do you? Selling radio is easy when you know how to make it work. Have you found your identity? Do you know your purpose? Are you ready for your adventure? Identity: Who am I? Purpose: Why am I here? Adventure: What must I overcome? Advertising moves you when it connects with your identity. Are you connecting with the identities of your listeners? Branding is “talking at” the customer — trying to make them remember you. Customer bonding is “connecting with” the customer — building a relationship with them based on shared values and beliefs. Identity is your self-image — a composite of your beliefs, your preferences, and your relationships. Purpose is a strobe light that reveals an ever-changing…

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your mother was right!

Did you listen to your mother’s advice when you were growing up? Well, even if you didn’t, you may want to revisit her words of wisdom now. If you follow mom’s rules while working in radio sales, all will go well. In case it’s been so long you forgot what she said, I called your mother (we all had the same one, you know), and she asked me to remind you. So, read on. Mom says, “Believe in yourself” (and your product). Start by shutting out the noise — you know, the naysayers who don’t believe in you or in the power (and relevance) of radio. Remember, next year commercial radio will turn 90. It’s here to stay, folks. You’re not selling the “flavor of the month.” We have a proven track…

3 min.
leadership roundtable

We all want to climb the ladder of success in radio, to lead people into that daily and fierce battle of competition. Luckily this industry has a lot of great people willing to pass along their knowledge. We reached out to several executives from Radio Ink’s 2019 Top 20 Leaders List and asked them to tell us the characteristics that make a great leader in the radio industry today. Here’s what they had to say. Fearlessness: Now more than any previous time in my career I believe that leaders must be fearless in the pursuit of growing and solidifying the unique and very personal relationship radio has with its friends, the loyal listeners, persona, whatever term you wish to use. Passion: To tirelessly look for ways to take advantage of the changes…

3 min.
3 steps to fight through rejection

“On the rise” might be the richest and most compelling three words you can use in your next sales meeting. That’s because they imply that we are rising from a low point toward a new beginning. Think about sellers, who are rejected nine times out of 10. That is a lot of low points! Let’s look at “on the rise” from the perspective of failure. We put a lot of negative weight on failure in our culture because failure is the yin to success’ yang. But here’s what’s interesting: contrary to popular belief, successful salespeople will tell you their success is not tied to repeatedly winning. They frame their success as repeatedly trying something, even if the attempts fail. Think about Thomas Edison. He attempted to create the light bulb more than…

4 min.
nine questions for local direct customers

There are basic questions I like to ask new clients. I ask these questions whether I already know the answer or not, because I want to hear the answers straight from the client’s lips. It is sometimes telling how little some clients really know about marketing and advertising their own business. Educated people buy more than uneducated people. So if we understand precisely what they don’t know, we can work on specific ways to get them on board with us and perhaps turn them into clients for life. By getting the client to answer these questions, I usually get all the information I need to put together a long-term creative campaign and a realistic budget. I limit my questions to these few in the interest of being conscientious about the client’s…