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Radio Ink Magazine June 24, 2019

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3 min.
what pds want … from gms

It’s exasperating or amusing to professionals, but there is a program director yearning to be unleashed in most people. They’re not just on the “other side of the radio hallway” where general managers, sales reps, and engineers sit. Listeners are also more than happy to bend a program director’s ear on how to make their station better. And since radio reaches well over 90 percent of the population, that’s a lot of free advice floating around. So what qualities make great PDs — the real ones? The answers can be found between the lines in the profiles of the program directors spotlighted in this issue. Their thoughtful insights provide a roadmap in an increasingly complicated and competitive media environment. And since in their hands rests the rise or fall of the…

4 min.
target the right customer through ad copy

Amateur ad writers assume everyone makes decisions based upon the same criteria they use. This causes them to unconsciously frame their messages to reach people exactly like themselves. Professional ad writers frame their messages to speak to the felt needs of a specific customer. People are multi-dimensional. We make decisions to purchase based on a variety of criteria, but two of the big ones are time and money. A person who feels they have no money and no time is buried in financial and relational obligations. A person who believes they have more time than money is a bargain hunter. A person who has more money than time is overworked and highly paid. A person with lots of money and time is looking for something to do. Consciously or unconsciously, every ad is framed…

6 min.
you can’t sell it if you can’t tell it — how to get long-term business

I am an advocate of selling longterm local direct business. But when I say long-term, I’m not talking about a couple of months, one quarter, or six months. I’m talking about a full year. And I highly recommend that you try to sell the annual commitment in every single case — unless the client’s business is a one-shot deal only, or the account is so seasonal that they only sell Christmas trees, for example. I learned about selling longterm from watching local advertising agencies in my hometown. On occasion a local agency would come in and steal one of my local direct accounts. It always angered me when that happened, as I believed I had a good working relationship with the client, until it became clear to me that, in reality,…

6 min.
radio serves up results for this northern california restauranteur

It’s been more than three decades since Nick Andrew opened the doors of his first restaurant, and from the beginning he has counted on radio to bring in the customers. In 1986 a patron of his first restaurant made a sign that still hangs over the door today: “Enter a stranger … Leave as a friend.” It’s that philosophy Andrew brings to the radio advertising messages that bring the customers through the doors of his five restaurants. Radio Ink: Tell us about your restaurants. Andrew: I have four in Chico and one in Folsom, which is about two hours south of Chico. Riley’s was the first one I opened, about 33 years ago. I was 23 years old when I opened it with Kevin Riley. It’s a college bar, right on “Frat…

3 min.
your program director: your best salesperson

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “There he goes again!” So what’s this about? Well, sit back and consider this: Your program director is in the business of selling people. He or she recruited the best talent. What does that have to do with sales? Everything. First, he or she had to sell the personality on coming on board with the station — not always an easy task, especially if the talent was content at another station. Second, your program director had to sell station management on bringing the new talent on board — almost always an even more difficult task. Why? Because the person your program director wants to hire may be viewed by management as too controversial, too highly paid, or even too erratic — or maybe all of the above. Personalities…

4 min.
9 tips to succeed as a pd in 2019

Being a PD has never been an easy job. In 2019, the job description includes everything from the on-air product to the integration of social media and all things digital, figuring out how to keep voicetracking sounding local, and integrating syndicated programming to make it sound like it’s part of the station. Not to mention that many PDs are doing that for five or six stations at once. Today, I’ll speak with nine different PDs to get their point of view on what makes a PD succeed in 2019. Tommy Del Rio is VP/CHR programming and Monterey PD for Mapleton Communications. “As the role of a PD continues to evolve, never lose sight of your vision and strategy for each brand you program. When you are overseeing multiple markets, the level…