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Radio Ink Magazine July 22, 2019

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reflections on 40

The history of Radio Ink’s 40 Most Powerful People in Radio list is a fascinating look not only at the names of those shaping the industry since the passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, but at how the radio industry has changed over the past 23 years. Designed to bring momentous regulatory changes to a sputtering industry, the Telecom Act has indeed been more transformational than most would have imagined back then. That’s especially worth pondering today as the Ajit Pai-led FCC considers moving forward with a further relaxation of local radio ownership rules. Industry players are split on whether a loosening of rules that were created before digital media spread to the masses is a smart one, with companies large and small taking sides on a fierce battlefield that will see…

4 min.
radio’s golden apple

Recently in a board of directors meeting for my company, we had a discussion about a company I was planning to acquire and the amount of money I was about to spend. One of the board members, an Internet advertising expert, asked, “What are you buying, really? Why do you really want this company?” My response was, “I want the list. I can make a lot of money off the list of customers.” Then, the unexpected. He said, “You’re throwing your money away. For a fraction of that amount, I can get the same number of customers they have in about six weeks’ time.” Another board member, an expert in Amazon marketing, stepped in and said, “And I can get you that many customers on Amazon for a small part of…

5 min.
how to prune your account list

An account executive who “goes with the flow” never makes a lot of money. But an account executive who knows precisely what he or she is going to do today is an account executive who can afford to start a campfire with crumpled-up hundred-dollar bills. When I was a baby AE, I had the good fortune to spend a day with Gene Chamberlain. He taught me three things that day that have made me a lot of money. Today I’m going to teach those three things to you. You’ve Got to Prune Your Account List We run out of time long before we run out of opportunity. There are only 24 hours in the day and no way to get any more. But businesses that need better advertising are like the sand on…

3 min.
how to get prospects to return your calls

One of the top five questions I get from broadcast sellers is, “Why won’t prospects return my calls, e-mails, or texts?” The answer is simple. In their minds you haven’t given them a good enough reason to respond. Fact: in most cases, prospects will return your calls only when they are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is in their best interest to call you back. New prospects may not know you from Adam Ant, and you’re calling them, texting, or e-mailing them and leaving a message out of the blue. What have you got to offer them that would give them reason to call you back? Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. What do you listen for when you go through your voicemail? Imagine that the prospect isn’t…

3 min.
think like a celebrity, convert more sales

We did everything right. We prospected the right target for our station, provided market research to support why advertising on the radio would be a great business decision for them, and we even went the extra mile by creating an award-winning commercial campaign to position them as a market leader. In our minds, we hear the client saying they love it and want to get started ASAP. But then we find ourselves in a holding pattern, as the client says, “I need to think about.” Converting the client from prospect to close might be one of the most frustrating phases in sales. We invest so much time prospecting, calling to schedule a meeting, and presenting a thoughtful plan, only to have to wait. Now what do you do? My advice is…

2 min.
the power of feedback

BusinessDictionary.com describes feedback as the information sent to an entity (individual or a group) about its prior behavior so that the entity may adjust its current and future behavior to achieve the desired result. We all crave feedback, but, more specifically, your employees crave it and deserve it. In our business, everyone is so busy that the precious time you once had to provide constructive feedback for your team seems to be slipping away. Programmers, when was the last time you airchecked your afternoon talent? I’m talking about a real coaching session where you reviewed and graded an actual show and then brainstormed future content. When did you meet with your online editor to review your station website? Or meet with your imaging/production director to review, in real time, your station imaging?…