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Radio Ink Magazine December 16, 2019

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3 min.
the roaring ’20s: 21st-century style

I remember late-night discussions almost 20 years ago as to what to call the decades of 2000 and 2010. Not sure that ever got resolved, but, given time, all things usually sort themselves out. So here comes a fresh, new decade with a natural and “easy to roll off the tongue” catchphrase, “the best (fill in the blank) of the ’20s.” With the new year, we begin a fresh batch of 10 that is already seeing prospects and situations that weren’t on the table a decade ago. In 2010, we were emerging from the worst recession since the Second World War. What a difference 10 years make. Speaking of economics — and revenue — one of the biggest political advertising windfalls ever is on the way. While political coffers have continued to fatten…

3 min.
5 issues radio should keep an eye on in 2020

Presidential Election/FCC Appointments: There’s a rumor of an election coming in 2020. Regardless of whether the current occupant of the White House is re-elected, I predict we will see a new FCC chairman in 2020. Current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has shown a serious interest in broadcasting and particularly in radio. He has initiated media modernization, AM revitalization, FM translator auctions, and interference rules, and attempted media ownership deregulation. That’s going to be a hard act to follow. But look for Chairman Michael O’Rielly if Trump stays in office. He is also a favorite of broadcasters, he led the charge against pirates and payola, and some have called him the “New Quello.” Rosenworcel also has her eyes on the corner office if the White House turns blue. But if that happens,…

4 min.
focus on forecast

Silver Sponsor Sun Broadcast Group sponsored Forecast’s Continental Broadcast, including the option of delicious Bloody Marys. iHeartPodcast Network President Conal Byrne (r) moderates the Forecast panel on “The Podcast Boom.” Also on the panel (l-r): NPR Chief Marketing Officer Meg Goldthwaite, Luminary founder Matthew Sacks, and United Talent Agency Digital Media Agent Oren Rosenbaum. NAB Sr. Advisor and Forecast MC John David (l) introduces ABC Audio VP/GM Stacia Deshishku, Spanish Broadcasting System COO Albert Rodriguez, Cumulus Media President/CEO Mary Berner, and ANA CEO Bob Liodice. Berner and Liodice served as Forecast 2020’s co-chairs, while ABC Audio and SBS were Platinum Sponsors of the event. Radioactive LLC’s Randy Michaels moderated the panel on “Prospects for Radio as an Investment in 2020.” Carolyn Gilbert, president of Forecast Bronze Sponsor NuVoodoo, with Radioactive LLC’s Randy Michaels. (Left) Radio…

4 min.
magical thinking

“It was hot outside.” “The angry sun glared down at me.” Which of those sentences do you feel was more interesting? Personification is a technique used by writers and speakers to excite the imaginations of their readers and listeners. Personification gives human attributes to non-human things. Twenty-five years ago I wrote, “As Edmund Hillary surveyed the horizon from the peak of Mount Everest, he monitored the time on a wristwatch that had been specifically designed to withstand the fury of the world’s most angry mountain…” Later in that same radio ad, the jeweler says, “You’ll find your Rolex waiting patiently for you to come and pick it up … at Justice Jewelers.” Here are some other examples of personification: “The shattered water made a misty din. Great waves looked over others coming in and thought of doing…

3 min.
make 2020 your best sales year ever

The year is coming to an end, and with the new year, new expectations are quickly approaching. You will soon be sitting with your manager to review your year. How would you rate your performance? If you exceeded expectations, congratulations! But if you fall short of your goals, it is human nature to focus on where we fell short. We focus on what is not working versus focusing on what is working. We start to do a deeper dive into the accounts that chose not to do business with us this year and may find ourselves focusing on all the reasons they said no. While it is important to analyze the business we lost and discover the reasons they decided to go with another company, it is also important to discover why…

4 min.
creating winning relationships with ad buyers

With the media landscape becoming more and more fragmented by the day, media buyers are having to work harder than ever to find the most effective media mix to reach their clients’ target audiences. Everyone is fighting for a piece of the client’s ad budget; it can be tricky for a buyer to navigate the sea of radio stations, streaming, and digital options that are out there. Because of that, it is critical for radio reps and their station groups to establish strong relationships with their media buyers so they are viewed as true strategic partners, just as invested in a client’s success as the agency/buyer is. As radio station reps work to establish and maintain that level of trust with their buyers, there are several things they can do to…