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Radio Ink Magazine December 17, 2018

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6 min.
2019: great expectations

As we head toward the end of the year, many are burning the midnight oil, poring over budget numbers on spreadsheets, and prepping for how those numbers are going to be made in the coming year. May I suggest that it might also be time to pull out that dog-eared list of thought starters and bullet point reminders that have possibly been sitting on the shelf or filed away on laptops since your first day at the station? Ideas that can still serve to shake the cobwebs out of a numbers-numbed cerebrum? Ideas that can help reinforce some very basic but strategically sound habits that lead to sales success? For even as the industry continues to evolve and grow, the saying that “what’s old is new again” still bears heeding, especially…

3 min.
focus on forecast

Radio Ink’s most glamorous event, the annual Forecast conference, was held November 14 in New York. Forecast 2019 offered talks and panel discussions on finances and the future, as well as a very special closing conversation between Entercom Chairman/President/CEO David Field and iHeartMedia Chairman/CEO Bob Pittman, led by media consultant and former VP of CBS Radio News Harvey Nagler.…

3 min.
tapping big spending increases

Back in November, at Radio Ink’s Forecast — our annual event at the Harvard Club in New York — one of the speakers predicted that there will be “the biggest ad spend in political history” for the 2020 presidential election, saying there will be a spending increase of 18 to 20 percent. He also highlighted the massive spending in local and state races during the recent midterms. Unfortunately, he said, radio isn’t on anyone’s radar — that money is slated to move into digital. You and I both know the power of radio and how it can reach and persuade people of a political point of view and make great strides in an election, even while some campaigns are spending all their money in other places. But if radio isn’t on…

3 min.
how to successfully manage different personalities

If every employee were hardworking, organized, driven, unselfish, focused, and timely, there really wouldn’t be a need for managers. But that’s not the case! Managers have a very defined role: to keep employees focused, motivated, improving, continuing to do the right things, and producing. You are part motivator, trainer, psychologist, referee, friend, confidant, evaluator, and prison guard! After interviewing 1,000 top salespeople, Steven Martin wrote an article for Harvard Business Review titled “Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople.” The traits he listed are: 1. Modesty. Not arrogant, and positions the team as opposed to themselves as a centerpiece to win the account. 2. Conscientiousness. Responsible and reliable, with a strong sense of duty. They take their jobs very seriously and feel deeply responsible for the results. 3. Achievement Orientation. Goal-oriented, they seek to meet with…

4 min.
things every ae should know

Speaking at an annual meeting of some of the most innovative and successful small-business owners in America, I was handed a series of questions during the problem-solving session. Most of the questions had to do with recurrent frustrations in business. When I saw the group excitedly taking notes, I was a bit surprised. Then it hit me: “I’m a lot older than most of these people, so they haven’t learned these things yet.” If they were glad to hear these solutions, maybe you will be, too. Your work doesn’t always speak for itself. When delivering a script or a fully produced ad, explain what you did and why you did it. Talk about a couple of ideas you considered but rejected, and explain why you rejected those solutions. Only then will your…

3 min.
5 steps to up your sales game

As 2018 ends, we need to ask ourselves the following question: “How was my year?” Were you happy with your performance? Did you exceed your revenue expectations for the year? If you grew your business and beat the market growth, then congratulations! If you fell short of budget expectations, ask yourself what you could do differently to improve your performance. Now is the time to get real with yourself and up your game, because in sales, we must compete at a high level every day to win the business. Below are five steps to up your game and crush your budget expectations! 1. Set a benchmark for new business meetings. How many new meetings do you need to set each week? There are thousands of companies in need of our expertise to…