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Radio Ink Magazine February 19, 2018

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news hijacking

Watch the news at just about any moment in time these days and you'll find issues of immigration and the Hispanic population dominating. At the very beginning of this trend, when millions of Hispanics hit the streets of the USA's major cities — driven primarily by one single radio DJ — it became clear that Radio Ink needed to create a dialogue about the issues facing the Hispanic population as it relates to the radio industry. From that seed of an idea, we launched the Hispanic Radio Conference, where the icons and leadership of Hispanic radio gather. And it takes place again next month, March 13-14 in Fort Lauderdale. Whether or not you're broadcasting Latino-targeted programming, the issues of concern to Latino people are high on the topic list of every community…

4 min.
online buzzwords and what they really mean

A number of marketing's oldest ideas are getting repackaged and renamed by the online marketing crowd. Among these new names are transparency, engagement, and the Zero Moment of Truth. What is transparency, really? One clothing store says, "We have the biggest selection, the highest quality, the best service, and the lowest prices." Yawn. Another clothing store says, "Sure, we're more expensive. But looking good costs money. How good do you want to look?" Which clothing store do you believe? The more expensive clothing store admitted the downside and won your admiration and your trust. Transparency = They're not going to believe the upside until you admit the downside. Do you have the humility and the courage to let the public see the real you? Few companies do. None of this is new. Winning a customer's attention is easy. Hanging on…

4 min.
the ‘close’ is just the beginning

When you consider all the time and effort that go into prospecting and presenting, it's understandable that some salespeople think of "the close" as the end of a complex selling process. But professional radio marketing consultants understand that the close is really just the beginning of a solid, sustainable relationship with their clients. Regular wrap-up reports and post-campaign analysis are two tools you can use to reinforce your role, and radio's role, in your advertisers' success. Your wrap-up report can begin with an outline of the goals your advertiser agreed to when you made your presentation, and can include: • Copies of your radio scripts • Audio copies of commercials • Videos or photos of customer activity or lineups during the campaign or event • Perhaps a recording of a testimonial by a customer who was…

4 min.
be memorable to your advertisers

Radio is a proven megaphone for word-of-mouth advertising! Every day you meet with businesses to discuss how to help them connect to their consumer using your powerful medium. How do you succeed at this? By creating simple and memorable marketing campaigns with emotion. The more memorable you can make a business in the consumer’s mind, the more memorable you will become to your client. I thought it would be interesting to compare the marketing of presidential campaigns to that of other organizations. What I discovered was the campaign slogans that connected with voters were similar to successful businesses’ most memorable marketing campaigns. The message was simple to remember, yet it emotionally inspired voters to take action. It positioned candidates’ political brand and appeared to give the candidates a competitive advantage in…

3 min.
squirrel talk

A couple of years ago in this very publication I came up with a new word for little bitty accounts with acorn-sized budgets that run you crazy and take up all of your time. I call them squirrels, and there's a reason for that. It's because they're fascinating, but if you let them, they'll monopolize all of your valuable time and drive you crazy. Squirrel chasers are busy, busy, busy! They have to be, because it's always the tiniest accounts that require the majority of your time. Although they're small, squirrels bark the loudest. They may seem nice, but they are usually the hardest accounts to please. They fight you on rate. They complain the most about the times their commercials are running. They cancel for no reason at all. Their commercials…

3 min.
how to grab more digital dollars in 2018

2018 is here! Whether you're a sales rep or in management, many of you have probably made a resolution to bring in more revenue at your respective stations. How do you go about doing that? My suggestion: follow the money. A quick Google search for "ad spend by medium in 2018" will provide you with a number of articles covering where advertisers are placing their dollars. As you'll see, and have consistently read in the Radio Ink headlines, digital will continue to be a focal point for local advertisers looking to get the best bang for their buck. How do you find the right prospects in a hyper-competitive digital space? Here are the tools that will help you win more digital dollars in 2018. Become a "plumbing inspector." Not a real plumbing…