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Radio Ink Magazine January 8, 2018

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5 min.
brace yourself for 2018

Welcome to 2018, a year that will not be forgotten in radio. Think of the coming year as a giant roller coaster: pretty intimidating when you walk up to it, moments of anticipation and maybe some fear, moments of thrills and screams of joy, and maybe you're a little wobbly when you step off the ride. But you're safe, in one piece, and better off for the experience. My crystal ball is out of service at the moment, and in reality, even the smartest and best in the business don't really know what this E-ticket ride will be like, but I've got a couple of thoughts about what could be. Bankruptcy and restructure: It's unfortunate that radio has a cloud hanging over it with the two biggest companies, iHeartMedia and Cumulus, having…

3 min.
building breeding, success

The primary focus of Radio Ink has always been to serve the needs of sales, marketing, and management. And as social media has altered the way news is covered and delivered, 24 hours and on the spot, that mission has become even more refined. Radio Ink headlines, which arrive daily via e-mail, cover current news, and our “breaking news” bulletins alert readers to important industry developments as they are happening. The goal of Radio Ink magazine, on the other hand, is to provide fresh and timely, yet evergreen, features and ideas that can be used this week, this month, or even later. Our editorial staff seeks out the best experts and innovative ideas, all aimed at sharing marketing strategies, plans, and success stories. It’s a wealth of information, and a great deal…

4 min.
do you have the courage?

Fifty years ago, an 18-year old songwriter named Laura Nyro asked, “Can you surry? Can you picnic?” Laura Nyro didn’t tell us how to surry. She just asked if we could do it. Then she instructed us to: “Surry down to the stoned soul picnic. There’ll be lots of time and wine, red-yellow honey, sassafras and moonshine. And from the sky come to the Lord and the lightning.” What? What did you say would come from the sky? And “surry” by the way, is a verb that Laura Nyro admitted she made up. Laura’s “Stoned Soul Picnic” became a platinum record for the Fifth Dimension, selling more than a million copies. Do you have the courage to write ads that way? “Eli’s comin’. Hide your heart, girl. Eli’s comin’. Better walk-walk. But you’ll never…

4 min.
who is the best radio salesperson?

I applaud Radio Ink's editor, Ed Ryan, for his New Year's effort to uncover and publish testimonials about advertisers that use radio to "drive customers to their stores and dollars to their cash registers." In our radio sales workshops, we often pose the question "Who is the best radio salesperson?" We pause for a moment, then seed the thinking process with a simple "It's not you." After some discussion and debate, we're always successful in persuading radio sales teams that their satisfied customers can be their best salespeople. Nothing is more credible than a business owner or manager sincerely praising radio's role in their success. Not rankers, ratings, a salesperson's claims, research, or any other tool is as powerful as a solid advertiser testimonial or case study. But here is the thing. We…

4 min.
heres how to digital to local direct clients

At this point, most broadcast stations I know are selling at least some semblance of a digital platform along with their conventional radio or television products. And while some stations have a surprising range of digital components to sell, others are just starting out, with just a product or two. Regardless, as far as I can tell, the Internet is not going away anytime soon. So instead of complaining about your digital quota ("Why are you making us sell this stuff? I feel like it takes up too much of my time. I feel as if I'm just swapping broadcast dollars for digital dimes"), learn to sell it smarter. That starts with keeping things simple. Regardless of how much or little you have in the way of digital sophistication, keep in…

6 min.
do you have a mentor?

Climbing the management ladder is no easy task. The competition is fierce, and there are only so many jobs in radio management to go around. What's going to make you stand out? Who teaches you the ropes and rules when you are on the way up, so you don't come crashing down before you make it to the top? Mentors do. And nearly every manager we speak to tells us that if it weren't for a mentor, they would not be where they are today. So we reached out to some of Radio Ink's Best Managers from 2017 and asked them this question: Who mentored you, and what did they do to help you succeed? First of all, my parents, who stressed hard work and pursuit of your dream, fully supported…