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Radio Ink Magazine July 23, 2018

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the power of influence. the influence of power.

There was a commonly held notion among ancient Greek philosophers that power is a major cosmic principle. Some even viewed it as equivalent to God. Perhaps that is when the descriptive phrase “force of nature” was first coined. Today, the word “power” suggests a myriad of interpretations — some not always in a positive light. But power can be a force for good as well as an instrument of change, and those who wield it share the common trait of vision, to see beyond today, to influence, and to chart the course. Sometimes that’s a painful process, but, as with so many inevitable things in life, “someone has to do it.” And that someone usually needs to be an individual with power and influence. This year’s ranking of the 40 Most Powerful People…

7 min.
radio’s weak argument to the fcc reveals a deeper problem

I’M afraid I have to be critical of the NAB. Facebook and Google are the competition to radio, according to the National Association of Broadcasters, and that is why the NAB is pushing for further deregulation at the FCC. The NAB wants to push ownership limits to eight FM stations and unlimited AM station ownership in the top 75 Nielsen Audio markets, and they want to reward participation in an FCC incubator program with an additional two FM stations, for a total of 10 FMs under one owner in those markets. According to the NAB, this program will help radio compete with the two Internet giants, Facebook and Google. That argument is as silly as saying that more TV stations would overcome YouTube’s power. It’s like saying that adding more inventory will sell…

4 min.
the radio success formula

Dear Radio, I’ve loved you all my life. In fact, I have more confidence in you than you have in yourself. But you have a blind spot, and it’s killing you: advertisers in your town are reaching 100 percent of the city and convincing them 10 percent of the way, when they should be reaching 10 percent of the city and convincing them 100 percent of the way. You’re letting advertisers squander their money on reach without frequency. Your spot rate is determined by your reach. The bigger your reach, the bigger your bank account. This is why you dance when you have a good book. You push reach. “We’re number one” means “We offer the most reach.” But your client’s success is determined by his frequency. I am your client. Give me big reach with small frequency and I’ll…

7 min.
radios ugly word: collections. learn to love it.

What amazes me is how important the collections process is to people in our industry, and yet we spend very little time discussing better strategies for handling delinquent accounts. Here is a good rule to live by: “It’s not a sale until it’s collected.” Boom! There you go. Write it on the wall where you can see it every day. Because whether you’re paid on billing or collection, ultimately you’re paid on collection — because if you’re paid on billing and then you don’t collect, the station will eventually take back the money they paid you on your billing. Collections is a fundamental part of the selling process, and the better you are at it, the more you’ll personally benefit by knowing how to do it properly. For many of us…

4 min.
secrets of a great sales manager

Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced world, you are managing a lot of projects. The one that impacts your employment the most is exceeding your revenue expectations. Retaining current clients and growing new revenue each day are the priorities. So what’s the secret to be a great sales manager? Over my 31-year career, I’ve discovered, from the managers that coached me, and from my own experiences, it comes down to these five strategies. 1. Identify talent. The expression “You are only as good as your team” says it all. Your team is the number one focus. This is the most critical step to being a great sales manager. You can have the best ratings in the market, but without a talented team, you will find it challenging to convert your ratings…

4 min.
mr. advertiser: how’s our campaign going?

It just might be the most overlooked step in the advertising sales process. Missing it can make the road to future sales extremely difficult. Getting it right can set you up for a beautiful, trusting, lifelong relationship with your clients. It’s a simple question, but it oftentimes scares the daylights out of the untrained, unprepared marketing rep. That question is “How’s the ad campaign working?” or “How is the sales event going?” As a media rep handling the account, you must know if it’s working or not. Finding out after the fact doesn’t cut it and nearly always leads to another business owner saying, “I tried radio once and it didn’t work.” Keep in mind, prior to any ad schedule airing, regardless of whether it is a long-term branding campaign or a…