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Radio Ink Magazine June 18, 2018

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getting what we pay for

As reflected in many of this year’s MIW profiles, one of the key characteristics of these honorees is how they are advancing the interests of the radio industry and those who aspire to be part of it. To that end, each was given the opportunity to share what she would like say to radio managers across the country. You’ll read many of their responses in this issue. That got me to thinking of how I might answer the query with a suggestion toward making the industry stronger. Over the years, I have sat with radio general managers, sales managers, and group heads, discussing the many challenges of the job. All seem to agree that one of the biggest, if not the biggest, challenges is finding new salespeople. Unfortunately, once the interview process…

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should radio be offering 360?

IF you follow a lot of media, you know it’s no secret that there’s a successful trend in media companies today: They are rarely the singular media outlet they started out as. Take a magazine brand, for instance. Though the publishers still produce a print magazine, they also do a digital magazine and a website, have multiple social media pages, do e-mail and direct marketing campaigns, and manage social media placement, and they may well also do podcasting and video. Media companies today are offering their clients a 360-degree approach. Rather than just selling ads in one platform, they are selling flat-rate packages that include all their platforms. A single media brand can function almost like an agency; it not only places everything for the client on all of its related…

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how i got started in radio

I began losing my hair when I was 19. By the time I was 21, I looked like I was 30. Best thing that ever happened to me. People take you seriously when you look like a grownup, and I needed people to take me seriously. I sold advertising for the smallest radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We were rock-solid at number 23 in a city of 23 radio stations. We had a 0.5 share during the average quarter hour. This means that out of every 200 radios that were turned on, only one of them would be tuned to my station. Best thing that ever happened to me. At any given moment, my station would have between 500 and 800 people listening. But the total number of different people we would reach in a…

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four common traits that success equal sales

Advertising can’t make a bad business a good business. If you don’t already get repeat and referral business, you need to fix the inside of your business before spending money on advertising. If media reps can fit these two statements into their initial sales calls with potential clients, it can have a profound impact on their success. Why are these statements so powerful? Two reasons. 1) It’s absolutely true, and business owners like hearing the truth. They’ve heard all the BS and will appreciate your honesty. Good advertising can’t help a poorly run business. 2) It sets the tone for your relationship with the client. You are telling them that not everyone is ready to invest in advertising, and if they are not, they should wait. I can assure you these are…

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how to agreement the signed

For many of us in sales, getting the client to sign a legally binding document with your company can be a challenge, or even a nightmare. Signed long-term contracts are the key to becoming a super-biller in media. Verbal OKs are easy. Written agreements can be trickier. But if that’s what management wants, then that’s what you must deliver. Remember, written agreements are good for everybody. Here are some tips to make the process a little easier. I never call it a “contract.” I always refer to the document as an “agreement.” For many, the word contract has a negative connotation. So, as an old sales mentor always said, “Why would you ever do anything that would give a customer any reason not to buy?” Verbal OKs are usually easier to get…

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salespeople: don’t be quitters

Exceeding budget every month can be a daunting task. We all face account attrition, local business going national, rating dips, and roadblocks to new accounts. My advice to you is: don’t quit now. In a recent sales meeting, we discussed those words “don’t quit now.” I asked the team what those words meant to them. The following are some of the thoughts they shared: Keep fighting for the appointment by finding new ways to get in front of the decisionmaker. Don’t quit sharing the power of radio with advertising agencies and direct accounts. If you’re falling short of budget for the year, don’t give up on your year. Don’t stop prospecting for new business. Don’t stop providing solutions to your clients’ needs! Do you find yourself or your team giving up too soon? When you look at…