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Radio Ink Magazine May 21, 2018

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topside storytelling

I have to admit. I am frustrated. Frustrated by hearing “Radio doesn’t tell its story.” What, pray tell, is the story we’re not telling? And why aren’t we telling it? Several years ago, I posed that question to a radio executive. He paused, and with God as my witness, said, “I’m not sure I understand myself.” We all know the story. And we know how to tell it. Radio works. It really, really works. Hundreds — no, thousands — of case studies can be cited about radio’s ability to drive consumers directly to the point of purchase. How radio creative inspires listeners to action — to stop for that burger, apply for that loan, or adopt that homeless puppy. Indeed, radio gets results. If there is still any lingering doubt in anyone’s…

3 min.
can radio regain a valuable lost asset?

A couple of decades ago I wrote a story in these pages about what the radio industry would look like in 20 or 30 years. We were beginning the process of local marketing agreements, which soon led to companies consolidating and buying up everything in sight. The article discussed advantages and disadvantages. Yet the biggest takeaway was that once radio owned most of its competition, it would significantly reduce its level of promotion — and that would have a devastating impact on the industry overall. Why would you need to promote to get listeners if you own all the stations that matter in your market? Why would you possibly need to do billboards, TV, and other outside promotion? My premise was that most would conclude they didn’t need to do any outside…

4 min.
sale you’ll important ever make

Think about your top-producing salesperson for a moment. Now imagine what you could achieve with an entire team of similar top performers! Recruiting top performers is job one for any sales manager today. Selling new candidates on a radio sales career is the most important sale you can make — and the recruiting process must be treated like a sale. Why is it so difficult to attract great salespeople today? Like any sale, you need to overcome the objections: Who wants to be in sales? No one goes through college champing at the bit to graduate so they can become a salesperson. You’ve probably seen the Pee-wee Herman skit where the doorbell rings, Pee-wee looks through the peephole, and he starts shouting “AAAHHH, salesman!” The unscrupulous tactics of a few salespeople have tarred…

4 min.
no one listens to the radio anymore’

“Radio is dying.” “Radio is dead.” “My friends and I don’t listen to the radio. We (blah, blah, blah) instead.” “No one listens to the radio anymore, especially in high-tech places like San Francisco, in the heart of Silicon Valley. That’s right, isn’t it?” Isn’t it? A few paragraphs from now, I’m going to tell you exactly how many people we’re reaching in San Francisco each week and precisely how many times the average San Franciscan hears our radio ad. But first, let’s look at why we can trust those numbers. You’ve heard of the Nielsen ratings. You’ve heard of the Gallup Poll. And of course you understand scientific survey methodology and statistical analysis. Nielsen measures San Francisco’s radio listening habits continuously, using a sample size of about 2,400 adults. Oh? You say you don’t understand scientific survey methodology and…

3 min.
want to increase sales? take a vacation

I decided to plan a vacation to Florida with my sister Tracy. As in many places, it’s been a long winter here, filled with rain. We were ready to get away from the madness and embark on a getaway to the Sunshine State. To do that, I had to complete my to-do list. The first step was booking the trip. The next step was preparing and making sure my business was in order so I could get away for a few days. I often discuss with co-workers how amazing it is that we can be late for work or a meeting due to traffic or other setbacks, but we could never imagine missing our vacation flight! In some cases, we even make sure we arrive early. When a vacation is on the…

2 min.
the importance of mentors

If you want to be a great leader in radio today, it’s vital you seek out successful people and pick their brains. Luckily, our industry is very good at giving back. Many of radio’s best leaders say they never would have made it to the top of their careers without being mentored. We reached out to several of radio’s best leaders to get their input and opinion on being mentors and providing mentorship. Here’s what they had to say. “Mentors are so important. I have been blessed with many pioneers in the industry. Tom Stoner, who sold me my first radio station and gave me the courage to follow my vision; Wayne Cornils, who taught me to embrace radio for the good it brings; Eric Rhoads, for being willing to take…