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Radio Ink Magazine November 12, 2018

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breaking the cycle

If this issue’s cover interview with Colin Kinsella doesn’t have you cheering and running to make copies of the article to send to every client on your list, you might want to consider another occupation. “One of the best things about radio is that it is real. It is there and you hear it. The fact that people aren’t talking about advertising the way they used to is the reason brands aren’t doing as well as they used to. We have to get brands to break out of the cycle. If I was in radio, I would want radio to be the cycle-breaker.” These aren’t the words of a radio “insider.” These are the words of the head of one of the largest advertising agencies in the country. Someone whose agency deals…

2 min.
will radio take the audio superhighway?

There has been much written, spoken, and listened to in recent years regarding the communications revolution that is unfolding before our very eyes — and that is in our very ears. I’ve written about it myself, and about how radio is responding. Not too long ago, the rise of Pandora was a huge concern for the radio industry. Here was yet another platform designed to pull music lovers away from AM and FM, continuing in the footsteps of the 8-track, the cassette, the CD, and the iPod. But today, Pandora is fighting for survival with the knowledge that SiriusXM will soon be its owner, and Spotify is radio’s major rival in the world of on-demand audio. Change is in the air, as always, and the pace is only speeding up. Right now,…

4 min.
false logic in advertising

Early in my career as an ad man I encountered a business owner who was hunkered down on a bit of false logic that flummoxed me for a while. He said, “The Small Business Association says your ad budget should be 5 percent of sales. So that means every ad I run has to generate 20 times what I spend for it. Can you guarantee me a 20x return on investment if I buy what you’re selling?” On the face of it, that logic seemed reasonable, but I knew it was wrong. I’d love to say I went back and won that account with dazzling salesmanship and irrefutable logic, but I didn’t. I deeply disliked that man and I didn’t want him in my life, so I never went back. I had seen…

3 min.
what should radio be doing better?

We all know we can always improve at what we do, whether it’s at our jobs or in our home lives. Nobody’s perfect, and it’s smart and productive to take a hard look at what we’re all doing to try to make things better. The same is true for our industry. We reached out to several of Radio Ink’s 2018 Best Managers and asked them to tell us what the industry needs to do to become stronger. Here’s what they had to say. Understanding it’s about audio and the way it fills the companionship void. Audio provides a storytelling and narrative approach that compels individuals to respond and react. Whether it’s an issue in a community or responding to an advertisement, audio drives people. We have to champion our reach, but…

3 min.
one word that will make or break your success

Do you recall playing Truth or Dare? Truth or Dare is a game in which players are given the choice between answering a question asked by the other players truthfully or performing a “dare” — also set by the other players. As managers, we play this game with our sales team quite often! We are in our weekly coaching session reviewing our salesperson’s performance, and we ask them for the truth about their business. We ask questions like, “What else can you do to improve your revenue goals? Are you happy with your activity level of getting in front of new prospects?” We then dare them by saying, “I challenge you to call on clients with larger budgets instead of chasing small accounts who don’t have the ability to spend the necessary…

3 min.
sellers: stop using rankers and start doing this...

Having just returned from another week in the field, I’m surprised again at how few tools radio account executives are really using when pitching local direct clients. The last thing clients need to see is your ratings, rankers, complicated rate cards, descriptions of your format or program, or information about how powerful your station is. If they ask for that stuff, you can always provide it for them. But what the client is really looking for are specific ideas that will help make the cash register ring. In other words, the client is looking for evidence that your plan for their success is better than their own plan. That being said, here are a few things you can say about radio/broadcast media that, combined with a killer creative idea and a calculation…