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Movies, TV & Music
Radio Times

Radio Times

22-28th February 2020

Get the same great content you know and love, from the UK’s biggest selling quality magazine. Every week: -> News and Views from broadcasting’s biggest names, best writers and brightest stars. -> Find unmissable entertainment with our roundup of the Best of the Week -> Stunning photo-shoots, red carpet reportage and exclusive behind-the-scenes pics. -> Guides to the best TV, film and radio each day. -> Film reviews from the film team including writer Andrew Collins. -> The best of iPlayer, Netflix and other catch-up and on-demand services. -> Comprehensive listings so you’ll never miss a show, and with handy links so you can jump to your desired day of the week. -> Puzzles, including crosswords, Egg Heads and Only Connect.

United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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1 min.
three dramas for you to treasure

I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN a huge Anton Lesser fan. He has the most beautiful, mellifluous voice and I would happily listen all day to him reading the Screwfix catalogue (not that I would ever ask him or anyone to do such a barmy thing). Lesser is one of those actors who turns up in a supporting role, quietly acts everyone else off the screen, then goes away again until the next time, so it feels in the nicest way possible that he appears in absolutely everything that’s ever on telly… he was Sir Thomas More in Wolf Hall, and most recently Michael Eddowes in The Trial of Christine Keeler. I’m mentioning Lesser in dispatches because he will crush your heart in the final episode in this series of Endeavour (Sunday ITV). Writer…

1 min.
this week 22—28 february 2020

WHAT I’M WATCHING… REBECCA FRONT ‘I’m glued to The Loudest Voice on Amazon Prime,” says the actor. “It’s the story of TV executive Roger Ailes and the rise of Fox News. Russell Crowe is fantastic as Ailes, and it’s a chilling insight into the power that news organisations can wield. For a bit of light relief, I turn to The Kominsky Method on Netflix. Michael Douglas, Alan Arkin and – one of my favourite comic actors – Paul Reiser. I’m going through a US TV phase.’ A great voice for radio — page 120 IAN MCMILLAN ‘I’m a radio kind of guy,” says the poet, presenter and this week’s columnist. “My favourite shows at the moment are Freeness on Radio 3, presented by Corey Mwanba, and Gilles Peterson’s 6 Music show. They both champion new…

5 min.
oh, what a night!

GAVIN & STACEY MATHEW HORNE “The response to the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special was extraordinary — way beyond what any of us expected. Next for me is the film This Nan’s Life, which stars Catherine Tate, and that’s coming out in June.” RUTH JONES “We thought people would be keen to see Gavin & Stacey again, but we had no idea! It’s been lovely. But I think we annoyed quite a lot of people with that ending. I don’t know whether I want to resolve it — there’s a lot to be said for leaving it on a cliffhanger…” LINE OF DUTY MARTIN COMPSTON “We start filming the new series on Monday so tonight is our last blowout…” ADRIAN DUNBAR “We have the wonderful Kelly Macdonald as our lead this time round so we’re…

3 min.
halifax calling…

HERE IS THE news and this is the North making it. The headlines: there’s a crumbling red wall all across the map and in the words of the prime minister, Redcar is now Bluecar. Seismic and nuanced shifts in political culture are happening at the top end of England and this historic earth tremor will be rattling the pots on the sideboard for years to come. So here is the news from the North, from the top of the bulletin to the flat-capped “And finally…”, but is the North reading it? No, the North can’t be trusted with t’autocue, tha knows. The North is a ventriloquist’s dummy and the South is in control of the speaking mouth. Newsreaders from the North aren’t reading the news about themselves because, well, there aren’t…

1 min.
from the rt archive… 25 february—3 march 1995

WHAT WE WATCHED The New Adventures of Superman returned for a second run of heroic adventures with Dynasty’s Emma Samms taking on a guest role as Lex Luthor’s scheming estranged wife, Arianna Carlin. RT, though, was finding out how star Dean Cain felt about playing the Man of Steel. “I don’t find it strange, seeing myself on TV — I watch it for my performance, but I’m not horribly critical. Teri Hatcher, who plays Lois Lane, just destroys herself every episode.” A further two seasons followed, before the series ended in 1997 with an unresolved cliffhanger that saw a baby mysteriously left on Lois and Clark’s doorstep. WHAT YOU SAID Praise was being heaped upon ER, which had recently made its Channel 4 debut. “This souped-up, turbo-charged Casualty on speed goes at a…

11 min.
in step and on song

‘I wouldn’t be friends with Celia. She’s racist and homophobic’ANNE REID Last Tango in Halifax Sunday 9.00pm BBC1 PASADA: A MOMENT in the Argentine tango that provides an opportunity for the lady to add flourishes of her own, and where “a considerate leader will give her time to perform if she wishes”. This perfectly describes the way Anne Reid MBE and Sir Derek Jacobi CBE interact in Last Tango in Halifax, which returns this week – thank you Sally Wainwright! Like their characters, Celia and Alan, in the much-loved series of late-blossoming love in Yorkshire, the actors are in tandem but with Reid often given the opportunity to lead. She is the more voluble, with great comic timing; he gently concurs, with sudden eruptions of laughter and ruminative digressions. They often finish each…