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RC Car Action May 2020

RC Car Action is the model motorsports authority and the world’s best-selling RC car magazine. In print and online, Car Action delivers the power, speed, and passion of the RC car scene. Car Action is written for the full spectrum of RC enthusiasts—from beginners to seasoned pros.

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starting line

Frequenting local RC tracks is one of our favorite things to do. Not only do they provide us RC enthusiasts a fun place to drive our vehicles, but they also allow us to congregate with fellow hobbyists to share our enjoyment of all things RC. We’re big on supporting the local shops and tracks that help keep our hobby thriving. We implore you to do the same. We recently visited a world-renowned racetrack in our own backyard, OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach, California. Getting time to talk to fellow drivers in such a great facility was a fun time for sure. Read about it in this issue. Also in this issue of RCCA, we get a detailed look at Senior Editor Kevin Hetmanski’s Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer trophy truck. Hetmanski walks…

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1. Tamiya TRF R/C Car Bag Simple but effective, this bag is useful for storing and transporting your R/C car. Made from durable nylon with a drawstring enclosure, the bag provides protection for the car’s body when you are on the move. In the event that parts get detached or fall off, they secured in the bag when you open it up. MSRP: $14.50 tamiyausa.com 2. Pro-Line 1:10 Car Stand This laser cut 1:10 Car Stand takes inspiration from full-size motocross bike stands. Finished in a durable blue powder-coat, Pro-Line’s car stand is ready for work or display duties. The stand has shock building holes built-in to it for added versatility. Included anti-slip rubber grommets protect your chassis and increase stability. MSRP: $49 prolineracing.com 3. SkyRC MC3000 Battery Charger This advanced charger/discharger can charge a multitude of different chemistry…

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readers’ rides

DID YOU KNOW? We now have an easy new way to submit your Readers Rides to RC Car Action online. Just go to Rccaraction.com/readers-ride-entry-form/ to fill in your vehicle’s info and upload your pix directly to us! As a bonus, it will generate a shareable link that you can send to your friends or share on social media to show off your ride to everyone! WINTERIZED TRAXXAS UDR AARON BAILEY « BRUNSWICK, ME Aaron’s main focus over the last few years has been customizing scale crawlers and we’ve featured a couple of them. But he was feeling the need for speed so he picked up one of brawny Unlimited Desert Racers from Traxxas. The stock 6S power the UDR delivers is good for 50+mph already so Aaron focused his first round of upgrades on…

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pit tips

Show Rack Are you running out of room for all your RC vehicles? Repurpose an old shoe rack to turn it into a show rack to display your collection. A shoe rack can help free up workbench and floor space while giving your collection of RC goodness the attention it deserves. Seal It Up Is dirt getting into your gears? Make a gasket to keep dirt from getting into your gear cover. Trace the outside edges of the gear cover onto craft foam and trim it to fit the outline of the gear cover. Be sure to test fit it so that the foam doesn’t interfere with your gears. Use rubber cement to attach the gasket to the motor plate then install the gear cover so that it sandwiches the foam. No more…

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tdc track day carry

What do you bring with you when you hit the RC racetrack? If you’re there for a day of racing, you’ll probably have some very specific tools and bits of gear with you to get you and your car through the day. In this month’s featured TDC set up, we check out the track day carry of RC enthusiast and racer, Chris Parker. Parker works for famed pro racecar driver Robby Gordon, handling his marketing and sales. (You can read more about him on page 52 of this issue.) As an avid RC racer, we asked Parker what some of his favorite tools and gear that he brings to the track are. 1 Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner MSRP: $6.50 simplegreen.com 2 Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil MSRP: $5.50 liquidwrench.com 3 Junsi iCharger 406DUO MSRP: $300 amainhobbies.com 4 RL Power RC Power Supply with USB Port MSRP:…

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purpose driven

Ogio MRig 9800 Travel Bag MSRP: $330 ogio.com Features Ogio’s Rig 9800 is one of the most popular bags in RC racing circles. Its durable construction and thoughtfully designed features make it great for a day at the track. Its over-sized wheels with extra clearance offer a smooth ride over uneven terrain. What Parker says: “This Ogio bag has really helped me stay organized and is a big help in the convenience department. Before I got the bag, I would need to take multiple trips to bring my stuff to my pit area. Rolling in with my Ogio makes me feel like a sponsor pro, even though I’m not!” Maxline Tire Wash Station MSRP: $25 maxlinerc.com Features: Maxline’s tire wash station is sized perfectly for 1/10 through ⅛ scale tires. The tub mounted tire brush makes the chore of tire cleaning that much easier.…