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RC Car Action June 2020

RC Car Action is the model motorsports authority and the world’s best-selling RC car magazine. In print and online, Car Action delivers the power, speed, and passion of the RC car scene. Car Action is written for the full spectrum of RC enthusiasts—from beginners to seasoned pros.

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starting line

What is your first memory of RC? When did you first come across the hobby and how did you feel about it? Working on the cover story for this issue had me thinking about just that topic. I took a deep dive down memory lane while writing the article, Good Vibes, read about it in this issue. The journey brought back the excitement and curiosity I had about the radio control hobby. Take a moment and think about how and when you got into RC; I’m sure it’s been a fun ride ever since. In this issue we take a trip to Japan and meet up with renowned graphic artist, Jun Watanabe for an exclusive interview. The talented designer has collaborated with some big names including Reebok, Evangelion (yes, the anime)…

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1. Redback Racing 12mm Hex Locking Hub 15mm Wideners These 12mm aluminum hex adapters give your Tamiya CC-01/CR-01/F350/GF-01/WR02-CB chassis kits +15mm of additional offset for a wider stance or clearance for wider wheels. Comes with all pins and shims to adjust for your specific vehicle. MSRP: $17.50 ebay.com 2. MaxAmps NiMh 2500mah AA Flat Top Transmitter/Receiver Cells Rechargeable flat-top AA batteries to be used for building your own transmitter and receiver packs. Maxamps will make you a custom pack using these with your choice of plug to use with your RX or TX. MSRP: Starts at $2.99 maxamps.com 3. Blockhead Motors Original Decal Sheet Blockhead Motors is dedicated to vintage style designs that recall the heyday of 70s and 80s dune buggy culture. This decal sheet replicates the look for your 1/10-scale RC vehicle on durable, high gloss material.…

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readers rides

A NEW WAY TO SUBMIT YOUR RIDE! We now have an easy new way to submit your Readers Rides to RC Car Action online. Just go to Rccaraction.com/readers-ride-entry-form/ to fill in your vehicle’s info and upload your pix directly to us! As a bonus, it will generate a shareable link that you can send to your friends or share on social media to show off your ride to everyone! BRO-DOZER TRIBUTE SCOTT STEMRICH « APPLE VALLEY, CA Monster Jam fans know the Diesel Brothers’ Bro-Dozer as the bright yellow Duramax diesel-powered monster truck, but the concept appeared first as a jumbo-sized rock crawler/tow rig hybrid based on a Ford F-350 Super Duty truck. It was stripped down, caged up and sat on top of a set of mega-size military axles and rolling on giant…

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tdc track day carry

Track Day Carry is all about what RC enthusiasts bring with them when they are out for a day of fun. Depending on what the day’s objective is, say a touring car race versus a day bashing with your monster truck, one’s TDC could differ wildly. If you like taking virtually every tool you have in your tool chest to the track or park with you, for that just in case moment, you’re a kindred spirit of our Associate Publisher, Leigh Guarnieri. He’s prepared for any problem he might encounter. Let’s take a deep dive into one of his TDC setups. 1 Pro-Line Racing Track Bag with Tool Holder MSRP: $65 prolineracing.com 2 Team Losi Racing 22 5.0 DC Race Kit 1/10 2WD Buggy Retail Price: $360 tlracing.com 3 Pro-line Racing Axis Light…

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purpose driven

Tamiya Mini 4WD (+)Screwdriver Pro MSRP: $11 tamiyausa.com Features: Featuring an ergonomically-designed 2-color polypropylene and elastomer grip, this comfortable to use JIS plus head screwdriver is designed with a shorter bit for optimum use on Mini 4WD models, and is comfortable for use by adults and children alike. Its high-precision CNC machined bit helps prevent damage to screw heads. What Guarnieri says: “Unlike a skinny tuning screwdriver, this driver’s rubber-like handle lets you get a confident grip when you are assembling kits that use Japanese JIC type plus shaped screws. Its short shaft so makes life easy for anything from Tamiya’s Mini 4WD models to the larger kits.” Pro-Line Racing Track Bag with Tool Holder MSRP: $65 prolineracing.com Features: This indispensible bag features luggage quality zippers and heavy weight material. It is semi-rigid, being supported by an inner corrugated plastic housing that protects…

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luxury for all

This probably isn’t the first time you are seeing the Mercedes Benz G500, whether it was in person mobbing down suburban streets, or maybe in some high-budget spy movie. Regardless where you first crossed paths with this iconic vehicle, it is hard not to want one. Since the real G500 has a high six-figure price tag, we can thankfully rely on another well-known name to bring our dreams to a 1/10-scale reality, but with a way more realistic (for the 99-percent of us) price tag. Traxxas’ faithful replica of the G500 is here to give us a taste of what it’s like to own the real thing, luxurious looks and tremendous off road capability included. Traxxas has been dropping bombs on the industry for almost 35 years and has a laundry list…