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RC Car Action October 2020

RC Car Action is the model motorsports authority and the world’s best-selling RC car magazine. In print and online, Car Action delivers the power, speed, and passion of the RC car scene. Car Action is written for the full spectrum of RC enthusiasts—from beginners to seasoned pros.

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starting line

Do you have a long-term project that never seems to be complete? I’m talking about an RC build that you always seem to tinker with and find new parts to swap into or add to? I do. I have a Traxxas TRX-4 that I list at a permanent 80% completion rate. That’s to say that I perpetually have another 20% to go to truly call the build done. It’s a hard task considering that I always find something new to throw on it. Even though I still have more plans for it, we get to take a look at this work in progress in detail in the article called, Land Trophy. We also jump behind the wheel of an impressive logging truck. The Tamiya Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 6x4 is a monster…

3 min

1. Pro-Line '70s Rock Van Tough-Color (Black) Body Are you ready to rock? Pro-Line’s '70s Rock Van comes pre-painted in black and provides a blank canvas to recreate the most awesome vans of yesteryear. It features super-detailed front grille sections, oversized fender flares, and two sets of add-on bubble windows, porthole and teardrop, to give your van the ultimate retro look. Includes both a set of yellow & orange pinstriping decal sheets with a Dragon mural to detail your ride. Fits 12.3" wheelbase crawlers outfitted with 2 sets of tall body posts. MSRP: $52 prolineracing.com 2. Oxidean Marine Super-Flex Water Cooling/Nitro Line Silicone Tubing Oxidean Marine’s silicone tubing is great for water-cooling on electric boats, and nitro fuel line as well. The super rigid, highly rupture resistant tubing features a 4mm inner diameter with a…

2 min
well-worn willys

When COVID-19 situation came around Erik started looking for something to pass the extra time at home. He had built a number of scale crawlers so he decided to go that route. He bought an SCX10 II kit with no real idea of where it was going to go. Once chassis was together he still needed to decide on a body. He wanted a hard body, and he wanted a Jeep—but he didn’t want the same thing he saw from everyone else. That’s when he came across the Ossum Willys Jeep body on Thingiverse, so he decided to 3D-print his own. He tinkered with several scales until he found one he liked that seemed to fit the chassis the best. From there it was just making it all work. He…

1 min
3d-printed delorean time machine

One astonishing fact about Brett’s Back to the Future-inspired DeLorean might lead some to wonder if in fact it can travel back in time: he designed it and 3D-printed it in just seven days! Of course, this isn’t Brett’s first foray into 3D-printing RC cars, and to aid in development of the DeLorean he uses some running gear from a Tamiya F104 Pro II Formula 1 chassis. He took the rear subframe pod, including the differential central rear shock, and mated it to his own custom-designed chassis and suspension. Mounted into that rear subframe is a GoolRC 2340 4P Sensorless motor controlled by a 45A ESC and powered by a Venom2000mAh 2S Lipo. He utilizes most of the parts from Tamiya’s kit for the front suspension, actuated by a Hitec…

1 min
world class cruiser crawler

The HZJ79 is Toyota’s heavy-duty double cab Land Cruiser pickup and its reputation for all-terrain reliability is unmatched throughout most of the world, including in Radek’s native Poland. But he wanted to make his Axial SCX10 II-based HZJ79 even more formidable, so he installed a set of MST axles under it. MST also supplied the 1.9” KM tires mounted on a set of GMade SR02 wheels. Power comes from an RC4WD 65T brushed motor with a Hobbywing QuicRun 1080 ESC. He also decked it out with a bunch of scale overlanding accessories from RC4WD to both dress up and protect the LC70 hardbody from Killerbody, starting with Trifecta front and rear bumpers and sliders. There’s a bed cage topped with a soft cover and a set of fender flares. There’s…

1 min
majestic mojave

Pedar started with a long-wheelbase RC4WD TF2 chassis and topped it with Mojave 4-door hardbody, which he painted with a base coat of chrome then covered with Toyota red. The interior has been painted as well, and he included a driver, a CB radio, seatbelts, a bed roll and even a case of beer! The bed needed to be shortened to fit with the 4-door cab and he sprayed it with bed liner. He also tossed a few more scale accessories in the bed and added a single loop roll bar. Wheels are RC4WD deep dish wagon wheels wrapped with a set of RC4WD Good Year Wrangler MTR’s. The motor is a 35-turn brushed motor running through a single-speed transmission. Savox supplied the steering servo and nd the axles have…