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RC Car Action January 2021

RC Car Action is the model motorsports authority and the world’s best-selling RC car magazine. In print and online, Car Action delivers the power, speed, and passion of the RC car scene. Car Action is written for the full spectrum of RC enthusiasts—from beginners to seasoned pros.

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pro-line 2.8” trencher hp all terrain belted tires

FEATURES RC monster trucks and basher vehicles are continuously raising the bar for performance and pushing the limits of power. While pushing the limits can be great, it can also take its toll on RC tires, often making them balloon up under full throttle. Tire ballooning can yield some major downsides on grip and handling. To combat this pesky problem Pro-Line has designed a solution with their new line of Trencher HP belted tires. The Pro-Line Trencher HP tires feature a molded-in herringbone weave pattern belt inside the tire carcass, eliminating the ballooning effect of the tire while under throttle and at high speeds. The Trencher HP belted tires come with a tall, reinforced horizontal H-tread pattern that gives great traction and stability. What’s more is that these tires are rated for…

2 min
classic dodge street rod

A NEW WAY TO SUBMIT YOUR RIDE! We now have an easy new way to submit your Readers Rides to RC Car Action online. Just go to Rccaraction.com/readers-ride-entry-form/ to fill in your vehicle’s info and upload your pix directly to us! As a bonus, it will generate a shareable link that you can send to your friends or share on social media to show off your ride to everyone! Brian tells us he admired many of the SCX10-based hot rod builds he’s seen online and in the pages of RC Car Action, but he noticed that most of them required advanced fabrication and machine tools. He didn’t have access to those so he used creativity and a lot of trial and error to build this gorgeous Dodge Power Wagon using off-the-shelf parts,…

2 min
starting line

Who else can’t wait for the New Year? This issue celebrates the coming of 2021 with what we are predicting will undoubtedly be many hobbyists’ next obsession, RC lowriders. Redcat Racing has quickly made a name for itself by reinventing what it’s all about. The company has placed monumentous effort in designing and engineering their own RC vehicles from the ground up. Their latest creation promises to invent an entire genre of RC and we get an exclusive look into its creation. Join us as we take a deep dive into several RC kits including the groundbreaking Redcat SixFour. It’s a fully detailed and fully functional RC lowrider that can do three-wheel-motion, hop and everything else a 1:1 lowrider can do. We get the inside story from its creator, Jevries, as…

6 min
mesh & play

Gear spacing in a drivetrain can be a make or break situation, so it’s important to at least know the basics. RC differentials spin at such high speeds and are subjected to such high loads of stress, so it’s really important these parts move freely with minimal unnecessary movement to avoid damage. To get a truly smooth and reliable drivetrain there will always be some small adjustments required to the differential gear spacing. In order to make these small adjustments we employ the use of drivetrain shims. Drivetrain shims are extremely thin washers used to adjust the spacing between drivetrain components, like differentials and gearing. Let’s take a deeper look at how we can use shims to dial in our RC differentials and get the most out of their drivetrains. WHERE…

1 min
8-bit racer

Radio control addicts of the 80s and 90s may recall swapping their RC controllers for the wired controllers of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega Genesis when they weren’t outside driving their RC vehicles. The game of choice for RC-ers of that era was undoubtedly R.C. Pro-Am, an RC racing video game developed by video game maker, Rare. R.C. Pro-Am was initially released for the NES in 1987 and ported to the Sega Genesis in 1992 as Championship Pro-Am, an enhanced version of the game with improved graphics and additional features. Along with an awesome 8-bit soundtrack and graphics, the game play was entirely addicting. Players controlled video game versions of RC racers in competitive racing around increasingly challenging tracks. Only the top three finishers could move on in the racing…

1 min
old-school new era mad force

John Paul has always had an affinity for monster trucks, and specifically for the solid-axle Kyosho Mad Force. For this build he threw pretty much every custom part New Era Models carries onto it! He started with aluminum Mad Force axles and suspension from RC4WD. For power he went with an LRP .32 with a Novarossi tuned pipe. He added a custom radio/battery box and a transmission cover designed and 3D-printed by 4th Dimension. Savox servos and axle-mounted steering linkage improve the precision and feel of the steering. And a CNC aluminum rear bumper and a set of side mirrors dress up the Pro-Line ’80 Chevy body. BASED ON A KYOSHO MAD FORCEBUILD HIGHLIGHTS - Chassis: Kyosho Mad Force- Body Pro- Line Racing ‘80 Chevy painted by Riskey Concepts Axles RC4WD Aluminum…