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RC Car Action September 2021

RC Car Action is the model motorsports authority and the world’s best-selling RC car magazine. In print and online, Car Action delivers the power, speed, and passion of the RC car scene. Car Action is written for the full spectrum of RC enthusiasts—from beginners to seasoned pros.

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starting line

How was your summer? For most of us, summer was hot, scorching hot. It seems as if fall couldn’t get here soon enough. In order to get out of the stagnant, humid heat, we adventure out in this issue with several new RC kits, even including an 8S powered boat. No doubt you noticed that cover vehicle, a factory fresh Traxxas 2021 Ford Bronco. We’re as excited about this release as we are for the real Bronco. It’s a fantastic looking addition to the TRX-4 line of crawlers. We also get a ride in a Tamiya Unimog 406, a classic workhorse that looks as good as it performs. If you’re looking for something with a bit more pep, how about jumping in a no-prep drag pick-up truck? Yes, Traxxas has finally released…

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1. Tamiya Power Champ RX Performance AA batteries perfect for your RC electronics and Tamiya Mini 4WD racers! This is a great-value 12-pack of the new-spec Power Champ RX batteries, which offer greater power and improved discharge performance compared to their Power Champ RS predecessors. The Power Champ series of high-performance batteries are a perfect blend of power and durability. P/N: 55120 MSRP: $17.50 (12-pack) tamiyausa.com 2. Spektrum Firma 160 Amp Brushless Smart ESC 3S-8S Like every component in the Spektrum Smart ecosystem, Firma Smart ESCs combine "plug-and-play" simplicity with the ability to communicate with other Smart electronics. Firma Smart ESCs function like a virtual engineer inside your model, providing a direct path to the vital operating data you need to reach peak performance. This waterproof ESC features a 32-bit ARM M4 processor and multiple options…

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readers’ rides

FULL CUSTOM PETERBILT KARL SANDVIK. LANSFORD, ND Peterbilts are favorites among truck customizers in full-scale but rarely do we see one like this in scale. Karl started with a Tamiya Grand Hauler but reworked the body extensively, chopping down the sleeper, smoothing the roof, scratch building panels for the cab and cowl, and adding a 3D-printed hood and fenders from True Scale R/C. He then added front, middle, and rear bumpers, a hood ornament, and air cleaner assemblies all done in machined alloy, plus numerous other scale details. But as gorgeous as it all is, the tractor is only half the story. Karl also custom built the Fontaine Magnitude 55T lowboy trailer using steel he TIG-welded himself. The axles and functioning beam suspension are also scratch-built. The decking is Apitong wood from…

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tdc track day carry

1. Pro-Line Racing Active Backpack P/N: 9847-00 $68.95 prolineracing.com 2. Traxxas Slash 2WD (customized) P/N: 58034-1 $269.99 traxxas.com 3. Pro-Line Ford Raptor Body P/N: 3461-00 $46.95 prolineracing.com 4. RC Bash Ramps Electric Blue $229.95 rcbashramp.com 5. Pelican R20 Personal Utility Ruck Case $44.95 pelican.com 6. BlackFire Heavy-Duty Multi Tool $39.99 blackfire.com 7. Lunatec 1000ml Hydration Spray Bottle $34.00 lunatecgear.com 8. Dynamite RC Startup Tool Set: Metric P/N: DYN2834 $22.99 horizonhobby.com Sometimes you can go to an area that naturally provides all the terrain features that you need for a good time when you’re out RC-ing. Other times, you need to bring what you can to set up your own custom RC arena. For those times, taking along a few track markers and even a ramp make for a good time bashing or racing. Let’s take a look at what…

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purpose driven

A Closer Look at RC Bash Ramps What’s the point of RC bashing or racing if you don’t have anything to jump your vehicle off of? When setting up for a day out having fun with our RCs, we like to bring ramps and other obstacles with us. Having a jump or two or three to launch off of sure makes driving more dynamic. A solid yet portable ramp that we rely on is one offered by RC Bash Ramps. These ramps are designed with enough of a curve that it can really make your car or truck take flight. The ramp experts at RC Bash Ramps have precision-engineered the perfect launch angle so you can easily hit heights of as much as 10 feet and distances of 50 feet or even more.…

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pit tips

Shorten It If you want to shorten wiring without having to cut and solder, simply twist the wires together. The twisting of the wires ends up shortening their overall length. A great thing about this method is that untwisting the wires allows you to reverse the wire shortening effect, making them instantly longer when needed. Extend It Every so often you’ll find one body clip that is harder to get at than the others. To make it easier to remove, use a zip-tie to help extend your reach. We used two zip-ties on this clip, one to extend the body clip and the other as a collar to turn the zip-tie into an easy to grip loop. Contain It We love using disposable containers to keep all the random hardware and other small parts that…